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May 26, 2006 06:12 PM

Bar Harbor in July

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I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for Bar Harbor, Maine. My husband and I will be going in July. Thanks.

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  1. Can't really help you, but I'll be anxious to see the responses. We'll be in Salsbury Cove (10 min. north of Bar Harbor) the second week of July.

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      Thomas of Delaware

      The Reading Room at the Bar Harbor Inn


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      1. Have not been there in a few years. If it is still there George's downtown behind a bank on Main Street was fabulous.

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          I haven't been in two years myself, and I agree George's was Fantastic. A great room with the tables far apart, great service, an incredible menu of really great food.


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          Since nobody's mentioned it in this thread...I will chime in with Havana. A special restaurant that could be in NY or SF but happens to be in Bar Harbor. Caribean-style fish, seafood, and meats. Fun atmosphere. A splurge but well worth it. Reservations a must in season.


          1. If you like bbq and beer, hit up Atlantic Brewing Co. on a Sat. afternoon for their all you can eat bbq lunch special. Have some slow smoked BBQ and a beer or two, get a brewery tour, hang out with some locals, and eat more Q before you leave.

            I can recommend Beal's Lobster pound in SW Harbor for lobster and steamers - usually my first stop in the area. I'm sure other lobster pounds are just as good, but I've only been to Beal's.

            Rupununi for drinks (and great beer) and appetizers.

            Bring a sweater and long pants, you may need them in BH. We went July 4th weekend two years ago and froze our butts off when the sun went down.