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Jan 7, 2001 12:19 AM

Looking for good cheap/mid-priced places in the Castro

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I had to come up with a casual but good and inexpensive place to go in the Castro just the other day and the only places I could come up in that price range was Tita's Hale Aina and Thai House (which I had heard about). (Chow wasn't really in this tiny list because I already live close to Park Chow.)

We ended up with a good simple meal at Tita's, (and for dessert I enjoyed their malasadas - did I get the spelling right? ) but I would be grateful if I could get suggestions of similar places in the Castro with entrees in the $10 or under range. (BTW, how is Nirvana?)

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  1. what about firewood cafe up 18th st. nr. the post office?

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      Yes - that does sounds like a pretty good place - I've been to the Firewood at the Metreon and thought their pizzas were tasty. But I've never been to the one in the Castro. How do the different locations compare?