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May 19, 2006 11:51 AM

girls night out in NEW HAVEN

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can you suggest a fun spot to eat. Mid-to late 20 somethings meeting up together in new haven for a fun time. We would like to go to a fun/trendy/casual spot.

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  1. Roomba..Nuevo latino food....good music, drinks etc...right off the green

    1. I suggest dinner at Kudeta, a new "trans-Asian" restaurant on the corner of Temple and Crown Streets. The decor is totally sexy -- floor-to-ceiling swathes of silk, a glass pyramid filled with butterflies -- and the menu is wild, with all sorts of dishes inspired by the cuisines of China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and lots of other countries that know what they're doing. There's an excellent sushi bar in its own private room, with booths along the walls; the rest of the place is wide open, and most tables have a view of the street action.
      After dinner there's loads of clubs and bars within walking distance, including The Playwright, Neat Lounge, Temple Grill, and Cafe Bottega, to name a few.
      Have fun!

      1. Kudeta is my favorite place. Try the lechee martini. Service can be hit or miss, but the food is great.

        1. I'll second Roomba. Make a reservation though. It can get crowded on the weekends, and it's a small spot. But check out Barcelona, too. It's a newish tapas place on Temple street. Good food (it's tapas, so even if everything's not out-of-this-world great, there'll be enough on table that is), very trendy interior, and totally convenient to Crown Street bars and clubs.