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Jan 6, 2001 06:41 PM

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese

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As a fan of the rich buttery cheddars from Spring Hill Jersey Cheese (4235 Spring Hill Road, Petaluma, 707-762-3446,, I was delighted to find two new products featured at Fiesta Market in Sebastopol last week – fresh cheese curd and “Breeze”. When I first met these folks at a cheese tasting 3 years ago, I’d asked to buy fresh curd and was turned down. I’m pretty excited to have a new local source of high quality curd and not have to depend on the next Midwest express.

The fresh curd comes in plain and chive. Fiesta knows curd – these were packed the day before (freshness is essential) and kept away from the refrigerator case as chilling takes away the squeak. A big part of the attraction of fresh cheese curd is its rubbery texture and how it squeaks against the teeth when you bite into it. Spring Hill’s version also offers up a butter-laden flavor of fresh Jersey milk with just the right amount of salt. My friend started to cry when he tasted these, saying it reminded him of drinking the whole milk from his grandfather’s all Jersey herd in Iowa. This beats anything from Wisconsin or Minnesota.

“Breeze” is soft-ripened with a runny golden core and downy rind. The shelf-talker’s description likening it to a cross between brie and teleme is spot on. It combines the texture and fruity qualities of teleme jack and the richness and slight earthiness of brie but milder. Very nice.

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  1. Melanie, the descriptions of the Spring Hill Cheeses were so enticing (and I would love to have some of that fresh-curd for breakfast NOW), that I immediately plugged in their website only to find it is currently under construction. Boo hoo. I'll have to try the telephone tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed that they ship.

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      Melanie Wong

      Heidi, I hope they ship too. Fresh curd needs to be consumed as fresh as possible. After a couple days it starts to develop the tangniness of age and becomes smoother, more like cheddar.

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      Cynthia Tuthill

      Thanks so much for the cheese curd discussion .... brought back memories of the Wisconsin cheese factories I've visited. And to think this curd is better ?! Wonderful.

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        You're welcome. Yesterday I got a bit peeved on the General Topics board when another chowhound maligned cheese curd. (g)

        I was in the original Oakville Grocery on Monday and noticed that they had Spring Hill Breeze. It was $12/lb., whereas I paid $8/lb. at Fiesta Market in Sebastopol. Didn't see any cheese curd though.

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          I've found cheese curd at the Ferry Plaza farmers' market on Saturdays (corner stall near the almond guy -- forget the name, though). Having lived in Wisconsin, I got very excited, was told that it was fresh when I asked, bought some, and it was old -- didn't squeak. I complained and had them exchange it for newer curds, but even those didn't squeak. So I'm still on the hunt for squeaky cheese curds; the ones from Ferry Plaza would be better breaded & fried as they're not really fresh.

          Deb H.

          1. re: Deb H.

            Another cheese curd sister! Yes, they've gotta squeak, or what's the point.