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Jan 4, 2001 04:27 AM

Hawaiian Japanese Grinds

  • j

Wow! I've been eating sushi my entire life and this homely little place called Moki's in Bernal Hights (on Cortland) just about made me dance. We sampled the nigiri, but all of the new-age, hybrid, mixed sushi rolls were so good my friend visiting from L.A. couldn't stop giggling. Most excellent was the grilled salmon main entree with coconut rice and sauteed spinach. Something about the salmon made it melt in our mouths.

To top it off, we had fried bananas with vanilla ice cream, dripped with caramel.

This is good stuff. Trust me.

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      1. re: srf1

        Slang WHERE? Certainly not Cal or HI.

        And what's (e) ????

        1. re: anon2

          Sure it is in CA, I heard it in college a lot - grinds, grindage, etc.

          (e) or nm : Means there is no message - the entire answer or statement is in the subject line. More of a courtesy so people dont have to click the post when there is nothing in it - kind of a throwback to older modems when it might take 10 or 20 seconds to load what would basically be an empty post.

          1. re: srf1

            I stand corrected. Never heard that usage, but then again the 70s in HI and Cal were kind of a fog for me....

            As for (e) and "nm", I've only seen the now-standard "(nt)". "nm" I could guess at, but "empty" just didn't spring to mind for an e. In fact, I thought you were trying to draw some kind of grin!!

            Anyway, thanks for straightening me out on both points.

          2. re: anon2
            judy leibovitch

            Very common slang for yummy food from late 70's early 80's in Hawaii.

      2. J,

        I think you're right on when you say that Moki's has some of the best fish cuts and sushi in the city. The grilled salmon is mouthwatering.

        Let's oof sometime soon...