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May 15, 2006 01:54 PM

Curtis BBQ in Putney VT

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Does anyone know when Curtis opens for the season? Memorial Day? Does it vary according to weather?

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  1. Hi there, Putney local here. Curtis' was open for weekends it looked like in mid-late April. It's best to call ahead because he's open when he feels like it really; when the weather's nice; weekends; holidays, etc. I'm not aware of a set 'schedule.'

    There's also a new location in Chester, VT near the Country Girl Diner.

    1. UPDATE - The summer schedule is Tues - Sun. However, when we were there last Sunday, our meat was so overcooked it was barely edible. The ribs were like jerky and the chicken was very dry. I couldn't believe it...really no excuse for that at those prices.

      I'll just buy the BBQ sauce and make my own ribs.

      p.s. Curtis' BBQ sauce is a vinegar-based sauce, which I love, but if you like a sweeter sauce you may not like the very tangy sauce that Curtis makes.

      1. Sorry, but Curtis' is hit or miss. Sometimes the ribs are great and the next time they are nothing but fat and grizzle.
        I'll do my own ribs at home.

        1. I think the BBQ is better at the place in Brattleboro on the Putney road, although the atmosphere isn't quite as cool.

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              I think that what breadpuddin is referring to is the Top of the Hill Grille, at 632 Putney Rd. They have outdoor picnic tables and are open from April through October. I haven't had the opportunity to try the place yet, but I've heard that it's pretty good. You can check out their site at the link below.


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              "Something on the hill", is that helpfull? It is on the putney road just south of the pet store-d'angelos-speedy lube plaza on the same side

            3. Top of the Hill Grill is much preferred to Curtis' BBQ. Much more consistent and, if I remember correctly, I think the prices are more reasonable. For two people it was $31.00 at Curtis' and I don't remember paying that much at Top of the Hill or the sides were included in the meal price...something like that.