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May 15, 2006 12:53 PM

burger joint in falmouth-yarmouth area

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last year stumbled upon a great ,funky hamburger stand inland in the falmouth-yarmouth area.can any one help me find it again?thanks

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  1. First clue needed in the hamburger stand search would be the state. Both Ma. (Cape Cod) and Me. have Yarmouths and Falmouths in rather close proximity to each other.

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    1. re: CheshireCat

      sorry, there any other state?

      1. re: tom

        Do you mean Harmon's. It's on route 26 I think between Falmouth (actually West Falmouth) and Gray. Harmon's is on the left and it qualifies as funky, and it is known for its burgers (cheese) fries, and shakes.

        1. re: barbara

          bless your heart barbara that sounds right.i'm waddling there right now!

    2. While you're headed that way, be sure to stop at Toot's for an ice cream.

      Cole Farms in Gray is a good spot for some downhome maine cooking, too.