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lobster pound Maine

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Besides Bar Harbor where else in Maine has great Lobster Pounds and which one is recommended thanks

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    Lobsterman's Co-op in Boothbay Harbor.

    1. Beal's lobsters in Southwest Harbor is very good! They have a great selection of lobsters to choose from, a nice little deck for eating, and on the same pier is a fried seafood shack that has good onion rings to supplement all your other yummy seafood!

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        In South Freeport there is Harrasseeket Lunch and Lobster. Great little place on the edge of the water near the town landing. Can get very crowded so try to go off-hours. A good place especially if you are at LLBean or the outlets in Freeport.

        1. Waterman's in Thomaston (near Rockland)

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            Yes, had a great lobster at Waterman's Beach on Sunday. Wonderful location also.

          2. We had great lobster and pie at Waterman's on Saturday, July 1! It's still our favorite but we also visited Five Islands. Got soft shells there and they were sweet but Waterman's is in a quiet, scenic area. Millers has been recommended by friends who live in St George. In past years we've been to Young's in Belfast, you'll want to bring your own extras there. There are two places near Pemaquid Point. One of the first places we discovered years ago. Good deal on twins and triples at Este's in Harpswell (near Baileys Island) but we chose a lobster roll on that visit. Estes is a good sized restaurant with a more extensive menu but you can still eat outdoors at the water's edge.