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May 14, 2006 09:44 PM

lobster pound Maine

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Besides Bar Harbor where else in Maine has great Lobster Pounds and which one is recommended thanks

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    Lobsterman's Co-op in Boothbay Harbor.

    1. Beal's lobsters in Southwest Harbor is very good! They have a great selection of lobsters to choose from, a nice little deck for eating, and on the same pier is a fried seafood shack that has good onion rings to supplement all your other yummy seafood!

      1. h

        In South Freeport there is Harrasseeket Lunch and Lobster. Great little place on the edge of the water near the town landing. Can get very crowded so try to go off-hours. A good place especially if you are at LLBean or the outlets in Freeport.

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          1. Waterman's in Thomaston (near Rockland)

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              Yes, had a great lobster at Waterman's Beach on Sunday. Wonderful location also.