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May 14, 2006 08:45 AM

Thai Room - W Hartford - visit summary

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checked this place out last night.. definite high points and low points. atmosphere is lacking, as it is in most hardcore-asian restaurants in this area. the sidewalk outside the door reeked of hot garbage (a common problem in the a-dong lot). byob, which i didn't know ahead of time because there is no website and no phone number listed online/in phone book.

the service was absolutely disorganized. menus and water right away, 20 minutes until our orders were taken (restaurant half-full at best). all food came out about 5 minutes later. soups, appetizers, entrees.. all together.. at which time waters were empty and not refilled. check came quick though- as usual with such places.

food though.. food was tremendous. best tom yum soup in the area, bursting of flavor with no excess of spice or grit in the bottom. lots of fresh veggies. large, attractive grilled shrimp and tender chicken. i had the excellent squid salad which was grilled very tender and mixed with fresh chopped chilies, bell peppers, cilantro and a lime based dressing. tasted a little bit of the super spicy shredded pork and shrimp salad yum that the s/o ordered.. also good despite a piece or two of gristle in the meat. here, one red pepper graphic next to an item on the menu really means "spicy"!!!

i took a takeout menu home. will definitely pick up orders in the future, don't think ill be returning to dine in.

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  1. We LOVE Thai Room (next door to A Dong market in Shield's Plaza). We've tried all other Thai restaurants in Htfd/WH/Glastonbury/etc., and we now go to Thai Room about two or three times per month. The service has greatly improved, and the food is outstanding, consistent and extremely fresh and tasty. Squid salad is tops, and the curries and noodle dishes and whole fish (and probably everything else) is superb. Highly recommended

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      I must agree with grose 100%. Thai Room has the best and most consistent Thai food in the area. As of my last visit, it is no longer BYOB, they do serve beer. The sai ghok (my spelling is probably off) is amazing, as are their curries.
      The service has always been good, even when it was BYOB they brought out cold glasses for beer.
      This is the place to go for Thai in Hartford.

    2. Jim,

      I believe I wrote a very similar review when they opened (or meant to write). It was a few months prior to the opening of Hot Basil. While everyone was raving about Hot Basil (which I found average to slightly above average, but great decor and service), I thought Thai Room had the best food and especially the Tom Yum (I agree the best). The best Tom Yum I ever had was the old Spice Market in Simsbury which closed several years ago. I digress...

      I agree the service was all over the place and the decor was vanilla. I DID try take out. It wasn't as good as in person (though take out usually never is) and my wife found metal in her pad thai (edge shavings from the aluminum tray). I still go maybe once every four months, but if I'm in that area, I still frequent East-West Grille.

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      1. re: rrdrums

        Does Thai Room have any vegetarian options that you may have noticed? I go to East-West all the time b/c their tom yum can be vegetarian and their massamum curry is the best i've had so far.

        1. re: idaho

          My wife and I are sort of vegetarians, in that we eat fish/seafood. If you don't worry about fish sauce, you will certainly love many delicious menu items at Thai Room. And, perhaps their vegetarian menu (back page!) means no fish sauce. Ask them-- the owner is a very friendly woman (and her husband is the chef).

        2. re: rrdrums

          the prices at hot basil turned me off.. never tried their food. like the conservative, focused menu.. just couldn't bring myself to eat a $17 pad thai.

          i have since moved across the river, and only get back to WH for whole foods and harry's. next time i hit a-dong perhaps i will schedule a side trip to thai room.