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May 5, 2006 12:41 PM

Asian or Noodle in Southern NH?

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Looking for recommendations for good asian places in/near Southern NH - not the average oily type - more of the nice fresh veggies/healthy/yummy type! TIA

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  1. The Vietnamese Noodle House on Main St. in downtown Nashua is a favorite of mine. It's not fancy, but it's the real deal. Low on atmosphere, but authentic and reasonably priced. A large variety of menu items and styles including many vegetarian and tofu dishes.

    I try to keep trying new things as there is so much to choose from - I keep finding myself pleasantly surprised as I learn more about Vietnamese food.

    138 Main St.

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      If your close to Lawrence, MA you should try T & N Vietnamese Restaurant, 109 South Broadway. A good place for Pho...shrimp and crabmeat rice noodle soup, rice noodle beef soup. Everything is fresh and good.

    2. In Nashua, in the complex just next to Tweeters is a very good Japanese restaurant (also a very good Indian restaurant is there too, but you asked for asian).

      If you want to trek the other direction up toward Concord, get off exit 1 on 89 (Bow) and right there is an absolutely excellent chinese restaurant - not the kind of oily crap but truly the fresh, properly done kind.

      1. the Golden Bowl in Manchester, NH is an excellent place for authentic Vietnamese/Chinese food. Casual, comfortable, inexpensive.

        1. I'll have to second the recommendations for Vietnamese Noodle House in Nashua and Golden Bowl in Manchester. Those seem to be the best two Vietnamese places "near" me (by near, I mean within an hour and a half's drive... grrrrr)

          1. I'll second T and N in Lawrence...having been to the noodle house in Nashua... I find it much better.

            I also prefer Rice and Roll to the noodle house downtown. It's off exit 6, Rt 3...although I don't know if it's still there.

            There is also Southeast Asia in Lowell.

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              Rice and Roll has closed--there's a new Korean restaurant there now.