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Apsara - Providence

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So we finally made it to Apsara for the first time tonight, and were completely overwhelmed by the never-ending menu! We could have definitely benefited from some recommendations from frequent Apsara visitors.

Prompted by this experience, I thought I'd come online and ask - do the Providence hounds have any favorite or otherwise recommended Apsara dishes?

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  1. I'd love to hear what you had! Are there 2? Which one did you go to?

    Link: http://www.bistrodraw.com/

    1. We have had lunch at the Blue Grotto on Atwells a couple of times and have not been disappointed. Definitely a red sauce type place; last time I had gnocchi and they were perhaps the best I have ever had.

      Venda Ravioli is definitely worth a visit.

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        Sorry this response went to the wrong question.

      2. we always order nime chow(cold rice paper rolls), singapore style udon noodles, sauteed bean leaf tops and chive dumplings. the chinese dishes are pretty ordinary; try to stick to the cambodian dishes.

        1. Can't comment on authenticity, etc. but we always like the loat noodles, which we secretly call Wormy Noodles, because they look like short, plump worms. Sort of a la The Twits, by Roald Dahl, if you're familiar with that wonderful children's book.

          Also enjoy the wide rice noodles with broccoli and beef.

          I don't think the pad thai is worth reccommending, considering that good PT is available elsewhere in Rhode Island.

          For those who are reading this and thinking of going, note that one dish is ample for two people with normal appetites, especially if you're getting starters or veg on the side. So only order one dish each if you want to have left-overs.

          1. I second the singapore noodles recommendation, and we also like the black pepper chicken. last time there was a tofu special with vegetables that was quite nice, too.

            1. Do you like spicy?

              If so, the satay noodle (ask for it pretty spicy) is fantastic. I've been to Apsara maybe 30 times and the satay is my only mainstay. I often get lemongrass (thai style), a basil dish, or the beebong. Stay away from the bean vermichelli, pad thai, and wide noodles--all fine but not special.

              1. There are two Apsara's, fyi - the one in South Prov is the original, and it's been there for probably 25 years. The one on the East Side is the interloper, imho. The last time my family was at the South Prov one we asked about it and evidently there is some kind of family feud - the East Side one was started by someone splitting off from the first one (in the grand tradition of family businesses).

                But family feuds aside, they're both good, although the South Prov one is EXCELLENT. Get the nime chow, and the bee bong (sp?), and then more nime chow.

                1. Wow - I had forgotten that I had ever posted this question! But since it re-emerged, I should say thanks for all of the great recommendations. Maybe we'll have to order some take-out this weekend.

                  And just to clarify, I was referring to Apsara in South Prov (not Apsara Palace on Hope).

                  1. chive dumplings are another must (if you dont care abour your grease intake).

                    1. Lunchtime only they have a soup menu. The noodle soup is worth sneaking out of work for. Yellow noodles with duck is my favorite. The other posters are right about nime, beeboong and satay. Way in back of the menu is black pepper shrimp. Amusingly or annoyingly they cook it differently every time, always good, sometimes crazy good!

                      1. All right, I know Apsara Palace on Hope Street has previously been referred to on this thread as "the interloper", but I gotta stick up for them. They have great, cheap lunch specials (and cheerfully make substitutes if needed). As a vegetarian, I have a much easier time there than at the original Apsara, where it seems some kind of meat always slips into my food.

                        The staff is very nice, the food is a little more refined and less greasy than I expected, and I really enjoyed it every time. What's in a name, anyway?

                        1. Just wanted to say that we did get take-out last night - followed your advice and got the black pepper shrimp and the bee bong. Really, really delicious. I think we'll have to go for the Satay noodles next time!

                          Oh, and we have had the nime chow from Apsara before, and the ones we got last night were as good as ever.

                          Thanks again!

                          p.s. I also have to agree with localfood - although Apsara Palace is no Apsara, it certainly fills a need. I happen to really like their hot basil chicken!

                          1. Our favorite dish at the Hope St Apsara is the green curry.