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Apr 26, 2006 08:37 AM

Tastease in Hartford, CT

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I just checked this place out over the rainy weekend and it's awesome. First off I've heard and read the reviews so it definitely is a cute little place with awesome tiny donuts...but the thing that really impressed me was the owners and how kind they were.

I chatted them up about the donut flavors and when ordering a bakers dozen they saw me frown a little when they offered an "orange juice" donut so the wife said "I saw you you're going to try one!" and gave us each a freebie and I've gotta say, I totally dug the OJ donut.

We also inquired about the pork sandwiches on the menu and the husband (who showed us a number of fancy donuts with logos that he can make for parties/companies)cutely brought out the two pork roasts he had just finished making for the day's lunch. We went back there later to get a pork sandwich and (I only had a bite...seem my review of India Oven to know what I ate for lunch that day) it was great!

This is defintely the kind of place where the service and sincerity of the owners makes it better than just chowhound worthy.

I love tastease!
70 New Park Avenue
Hartford 06106-2125


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  1. I agree. I found the place a couple months back. We need more places like this with friendly owners and a different and fresh menu.

    1. We went there for the first time today. It is a tiny hole in the wall place, but the mini donuts are so beautiful and decorated and filled with so many things. We bought 2 dozen of the mini-donuts, but you can buy even smaller ones called midi-donuts. It is on New Park Ave in Hartford.