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Dec 25, 2000 10:39 AM

terrible experience at the "new" Bacar Restaurant in SF

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We booked a christmas eve dinner for 2 a week in advance.They left us sitting in the bar "5 minutes more" turned into 50 and we left.One expects better treatment from a place serving $25 chicken entrees,$9 desserts and $13 glasses of wine.The place seems to be awash with extra bussers and bartenders with nothing to do-while diners wait.The staff may have the best intentions but the performance is 3rd rate.

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  1. Did you talk to the host/ess after 15 minutes of waiting? If so, then their inaction was inexcusable. If not, then the "squeaky wheel" principle is something you should use for the future. Raise a ruckus and believe me, you'll get seated and/or comped a round of drinks, etc.

    With the general lack of quality service encountered these days (not just in restaurants!), reading them the riot act is sometimes the only way you'll get what you want.

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      An hour wait is a bit much. BUT, it's a new place that's trying to get on it's feet. I have not been to Bacar, but we are used to waiting up to 20 - 30 minutes for a table with a reservation at prime time.

      But the advice given before was correct, you need to make your presence -- and growing frustration -- known to the host/hostess.

      By leaving without saying a word, nothing was solved, except that you left hungry and pissed off. Perhaps if you had stayed they would have comped some food or wine, or more likely your entire bar tab while you waited.

      I know it sucks to keep having to check with someone about your table, but a few free glasses of champagne is worth the trouble to me.