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Apr 19, 2006 10:00 AM

Celebratory dinner in East Greenwich RI?

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For babysitter reasons, can't stray too far from E Greenwich. Looking for nice, intimate, good food place. Have been recommended Cafe Fresco and Post Office Cafe. grateful for any thoughts, recommendations.

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  1. I really enjoy Cafe Fresco, but definitely wouldn't describe it as "intimate" on a weekend night - loud & hopping is more like it. But I like the food.

    I also like Paragon (now called Mario's Paragon I believe?) but also not intimate.

    PO Cafe - only one friend has gone and she didn't love it. BUT.....I find her taste to be odd so who knows? I should add they are part of the Pinelli-Marra restaurant group, so that usually means decently-prepared but unimaginative red-sauce Italian.

    Trattoria del Corso on Main St got some good reviews - you could check them out at

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      We were just at Post Office Cafe on Friday night, and thought the food was sensational. Wish it was closer to home (we live in NJ). We'd go back anytime.

      1. um, cornucopia? its right next to the savory grape and i havent had a chance to try it. give it a shot and let us know what its like maybe?

        1. How about India on Post Road?