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Apr 15, 2006 07:08 PM

Good food in the Hartford Ct area?

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Traveling from Ca to Hartford Ct to visit my sisters for the first time since they moved there, and was wondering if there were any "Only in Conneticut" restaurants or places of culinary interest I should stop by? Where do the chefs go to eat after work? Is there any place the cabbies prefer? I also love sausage, are there any specialty or ethnic butchers that I should look out for. Where are the closest fresh pierogies? This is off topic, but I am going Ca to the East coast and wonder, would it be a good idea to bring a coat and tie? Thanks for any info in advance. EG

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  1. For a large choice of sausages try Adolfs on New Britain Ave.

    1. cracovia at 60 broad street in new britain for good, hearty pierogies.. just remember it closes at 7pm daily. for someplace in hartford, try tatry on wethersfield avenue.

      there aren't many cabbies here.

      you're on vacation, ditch the tie.

      1. In Hartford, you should check out Mozzicato's Italian Bakery. They have excellent connolis and such as well as killer gelato/ices (not sure what they call them there). There's a great little joint next door where you can get coffee or espresso and enjoy all of the stuff they sell in the actual bakery.

        Across and down the street a bit is a GREAT hot dog joint called:Rosco's big dog. You can't go wrong there.

        DEFINTELY get some pizza while in CT. I'm going to keep you in the Hartford area and steer you to two places in West Hartford: Harry's on Farmington Ave and Park Lane Pizza on Park Road. Harry's is thin crust and fabulous and Park Lane is greek style and awesome. Park Lane is the first place I'd visit if I moved away from and then returned to the area.

        The hoity toity places in downtown Hartford are just fine can get food like that in any great city.

        why not take a detour to NYC if you have time and have never been...

        enjoy your trip!

        1. OK. If you're interested in sausage, you're in luck. I've found several places that have some hard-to-find and interesting varieties. First, there's Europa, a Bosnian restaurant on Franklin Ave. They're muslim, so the food is halal (pork free). I believe the cook makes the sausage with a mix of beef and veal. Very good stuff. The place doesn't offer much in terms of atmosphere, unless you're into the whole Eastern European football fan scene.
          Also, there's a Colombian place called La Fonda on Franklin, just up the road a few blocks toward downtown from Europa (on the other side of the street. The sausage at La Fonda is excellent and unusual. There's a lot of cumin and ground coriander (I think) in it.
          Then closer to downtown, there's the Polish American Home - a good place to go for kielbasa and pierogi, without having to head to New Britain, where the real action is.

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            Eastside Gomez

            Thanks for all the replies. I am looking forward to going out there, though the last post which mentioned New Britain really intrigued me. What did fosco mean about New Britain being where the real action is? EG

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              huge polish population.. and a mini-poland neighborhood where every business is polish-run.

          2. I was at a dinner last week at Costa del Sol on Wetherfield Avenue and it was excellent. I wasn't expecting much since I am part Spanish and my family has not found very many good Spanish restaurants outside New York City. Well I must say that I was VERY impressed. The paella was excellent. How they made it for the 40 people attending this dinner is beyond me, but it was good. I highly recommend it. Also note that they have imported Spanish sausage. Jay