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Dec 19, 2000 10:21 AM


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thinking of working at globe, never been (change of scenery from NY)...any musings?

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  1. Just went there twice last week.

    Food was very good but not out of this world. Desserts were amazing.

    I like the place a lot and it's one of my few options for late night eating. (If you're thinking of working in the kitchen or as a waiter that might mean really late shifts! I think they close at 1am.) It seems to be quite busy but service there is excellent! Nice casual feel to the place, a bit loud at times. Crowd seems to be well heeled young to middle aged the last two times I was there.

    1. I ate there frequently when it first opened a few years ago and had some wonderful meals. I don't know how it is to work there, but Mary, one of the owners, is a real class act, and I noticed they have been able to attract some really great staff I used to see elsewhere. Now they have the Somona place too.

      1. We were there in September for an early dinner before our flight home to JFK. The food was tasty (we shared a big steak, salad, and if I recall, some shellfish to start, all washed down with a Lynmar Pinot Noir) and a good value. We had been told that it was sort of the equivalent of Blue Ribbon in New York. Not exactly.
        The room is very crowded and quite noisy, definitely hopping, but you could see that the waitstaff was challenged get around the tables and each other. The kitchen is open, and quite small, with not a lot of equipment back there considering the number of covers that they are doing. Some pretty beat up looking equipment at that! If you are going to be on the waitstaff, it looks like a place where you'd make some good $$$. They turn the tables pretty quickly from what we saw.

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