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Apr 10, 2006 10:46 AM

Rehearsal Dinner Manchester/Glastonbury CT

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Looking to have a rehearsal dinner for about 30 people in the Manchester/Glastonbury area in the beginning of June. Any suggestions of a moderately priced place that can accomodate 30?

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  1. Pazzo in Glastonbury has a back room that will seat 30 and can be reserved as a block. And as a BYO, you will save a bundle on wine for the event.

    1. There are a few places that come to mind. Marco Polo Restaurant in East Hartford on the Manchester town line. The country club on South Main St. in Manchester might do it.They have a banquet hall. Cavey's in Manchester might do it. Adams Mill in Manchester.
      Number for Marco Polo:289-2704
      Manchester Country Club:646-0103
      Adams Mill:646-4037
      Cavey's: 643-2751
      Your Welcome!

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        It's a little difficult to see how Adam's Mill, Cavey's and a Country Club fit the descriptor of "moderately priced".

      2. While Pazzo might be the better deal, Max Amore also has a private room and is quite a bit more elegant. BTW, I certainly WOULD call Cavey's (upstairs), Manch Country Club and Adam's Mill (which I would not recommend) moderate, w Cavey's somewhat borderline.