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Dec 18, 2000 09:27 PM

Dining in the new International Terminal - Restaurant Qi

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I was seeing a friend off last week, and we decided to voluntarily spend a couple of hours at the airport checking out the new terminal -- and eat lunch since we had heard there are now some real restaurants there.

I'm not sure Restaurant Qi is totally chowhound-ish -- it's pricy, long on design, and a little pretentious. However, the food was really good so I feel compelled to make a report. The kabocha squash veloute had a few highly flavored mochi croutons and was so good I sopped up everything I could with the bread after the spoon ceased to do me any good. I figured it would give someone in the kitchen a good laugh. The Turbot was perched on a pile of shredded cooked daikon and ornamented with a still life of dill fronds and berry size drops of a delicious reddish brown sauce -- very "Japanese celebration of the season" looking. The chef added a few shreds of shiso which happens to be one of my favorite things. My dessert included flecks of gold leaf, but the ne plus ultra was the fruit and cheese plate my friend ordered. I could only look in awe at a dozen PEELED GRAPES. Oh Saint Buelah!!!

The bill, with service compris was $100. I understand from the Chronicle that validated parking is available in International Terminal Parking section G -- which will probably save you spending $8. Such a deal.

For the SFChronicle review, see Wednesday, December 13 Food section.


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  1. Anne, I so appreciate your excellent posts to this board. Sometimes it seems like we do a good job of responding to questions but get into ruts. Hearing about a new spot keeps the interest up. Chowhounds are interested in whatever tastes good, wherever, whatever form, and no matter how much it costs.

    I put on a multi-course Bordeax dinner a few years ago. My plan was to peel some giant muscat grapes as a garnish on each serving of one of the appetizers. We gave up on that idea after tackling about 5 grapes. (g)

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      pluh-eaaassse! strike 1-it's still at the airport-not a destination to any rational person; strike 2-it just bloody opened-the bugs haven't even got INTO the place to get out-so, w`ith all the great places to eat in the bay area-how about giving this one a rest? at least for now.

      1. re: adamstoler

        Gosh, I must have missed the announcement appointing you the arbiter of what should and shouldn't be discussed on this board. If you want to cut off this thread, then you should at least give us something else to chew on. What do you have to share instead?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I appreciated the Qi review & don't think anyone should hold back on talking about new places just because of where they're located. I, for one, am thankful that people are taking the initiative in reviewing new places & applaud that effort.

          Deb H.