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Apr 8, 2006 01:07 PM

Moving to Guilford CT. Where to eat?

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I am realtively spoiled w/good chinese, pizza, thai & indian here in Fairfield county. I am moving to guilford in the summer, where can I go for: (I know New Haven has lots but I am hoping there are other things closer):

GOOD Chinese takeout -szechuan & dim sum?
Thai food?
Solid Pizza w/o going to wooster street?
Latin/mexican (not fancy)?

Any other gems I need to know about between Branford>Clinton?

Thanks in Advance!!

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  1. You wont be disappointed. The eastern shoreline has lots of places worth a visit. I'm going to restrict myself to just two or three per town or else I'd be here all night.

    Darbar (Indian), Su Casa (Mex), Le Petite Cafe (French)

    Som Siam (Thai), Quattros (Italian-never had their pizza)

    Perfect Parties? (recent name change to something like Elizibeth's Restaurant?), Lenny's Indian Head Inn (Fish)

    Taste of China (Chinese)

    Lenny & Joes (Fish), Boom (at the Marina),
    Pazzo (Italian), Waters' Edge (Sun. brunch) and several more, but I'm over the limit now.

    Old Saybrook:
    Jacks Cafe(eclectic), Vinnie's Fish House


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    1. re: Don Shirer

      That's a pretty good list, except I'm pretty sure Lenny's Indian Head is in Branford.

      I'd add:

      Martin's (on the Guilford Green) Sunday brunch

      Darbar (okay this is a repeat but I happen to think its pretty darn good)

      As for Mexican, I haven't been terribly impressed with any of the places in the immediate area (I'm pretty picky with Mexican). But if you crave great Mexican, the solution is to drive to Orange and go to Baja's...

      I'm sure there are a few I'm forgetting right now...

      1. re: Don Shirer

        Quatros for Pizza??.....they never made Pizza....come on!!!

      2. I second Taste of China, also if you go into New Haven, Royal Palace has an authentic chineese menu thats great. Easy on and off from 95.
        Siam Orchid in Branford is good for Thai, but it can be spoty.
        Also second Darbar, great breads and the Shrimp Poori is delish.
        Great pizza at Bar in New haven, no line and homebrewed beer.
        The best Mex around is El Guadalupe at 156 Chappel St. in the Ferry street area of New haven. Mother and daughter team, no crappy refried beans or globs of cheese. I'm eating there tonite.
        For breakfast I go to the Waiting Station on the green in Branford.
        Food is great at a relaxed pace. Great coffee.
        I'm sorry for the N.H. referals but these are great local places.

        Best eating,

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        1. re: Stuart

          Thank you for all the replies. I am pleased to see that there is alot to try!

          As an aside, any great groceries/deli's, fish markets,cheese shops?


          1. re: debvil

            Westbrook Lobster House
            Edds Deli (Westbrook)
            Fromage (Old Saybrook) for Cheese

        2. If you like clam chowder, check out the Guilford Mooring. I believe they won first or second place at the New England Chowder Cook-Off a year or two ago. Really good.

          1. I've read all the posts and have some comments:
            - avoid Martin's (on the Guilford Green)- I've been there 3 times and each time, my food was cold and meat overcooked...ok for breakfast
            - avoid Guilford Mooring (the clam chowder place), go across the street to the other seafood restaurant (forgot the name)- but the bar section has a great lobster club sandwich.
            - there's a cute family place in Madison called "Friends"- comfort foods
            - Red Tomato Pizza in Madison- thin crust, and you don't have to drive all the way into New Haven for BAR (though their pizza rocks)
            - don't go to Chip's Pub...dirty
            - In Branford, try Tenderloin's or Foe's for steaks and seafood
            - great fish market in Branford (Indian Neck Area) called Bud's...pricey though
            - only one place for Sushi- Maru in Clinton
            - don't even try Ceile's Pub for food, only drinks!

            Enjoy Guilford, it's a really nice place to live

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            1. re: ljs45

              The name of the place across from the Moorings is The Stone House. I always forget about the bar there. Its fantastic! Thanks for reminding me, I'll have to go next time I'm home.

              I'll be honest, I grew up going to Friends (the full name is "Friends & Company") but it has gotten a bit inconsistant over the last couple of years. Still good (great bread too!) but not what it was.

              As for a butcher, I'd recommend Forte's (the corner of Route 1 and River Street), it is where we go when we need good meat.

            2. Clinton's Taste of China is great
              Cafe Grounded for casual coffee/sandwiches in Guilford
              Bishop's Orchards-- veggies, some "to go", free range meats
              Forte's for butcher shop
              Star Fish for seafood shop
              Som Siam for Thai
              Stone House in Guilford for seafood
              Red Tomato for Pizza
              For kids-- Lenny and Joe's in Madison
              Take the Cake-- great desserts

              Re: grocery-- Big Y in Guilford is expanding and may get better, but right now I'd say stick with Stop and Shop in Madison

              Happy eating!

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              1. re: madisoneats

                Thanks for all the advice - I really appreciate it!