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Apr 8, 2006 10:46 AM

Bakeries in Waterbury, CT

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Are there any good bakeries in Waterbury, CT that have breads and other goodies. I already know about Sweet Marias but they don't have breads. Thanks, Richie

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  1. I've been working in Waterbury the past 3 years and believe the sad answer to your question is "no".

    1. Yes, there are 3, I believe but the best is International Bakery. The others are Madison Portuguese Bakery and Wayside Market which isn't really a bakery but has bread and rolls.

      Portuguese pastries and rolls from this bakery in the South End on Baldwin street is excellent. The pastais de natas are my favorite. When you eat them, the outer pastry crackles and crunches while the custard inside is slightly caramelized, not too egg-y or citrus-y and smooth and sweet. (Wow- I miss them in NYC!)

      The breads are also wonderful. The broa, Portuguese corn bread, has the chocolatey crust on the bottom from slow baking and a dense, moist texture. They also make pão dulce and pão do rei at the appropriate times of the year that can take the place of cakes since they're so delicious.

      International Bakery is much better than Madison Portuguese Bakery (formerly Helen's Bakery). They also sell some Portuguese groceries, especially chouriça and linguiça. Across the street is another grocery that sells a lot of Portuguese essentials like sardinhas and bacalhau, so this bakery has the advantage of with one stop, you can get groceries for dinner and dessert.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly with Krispier. Internation Bakery on Baldwin street has really nice Portuguese pastries, specifically the pastais de natas (custard tarts) which are amazingly good. And their Portuguese rolls are my favorite bar none. Get them fresh and rush home! If you leave them in the plastic bag, they'll get soft like store bought, so leave the bag open and eat fast!

        1. Hands down, Brooklyn Baking Company on John Street in Waterbury is the best bakery I have ever tried in the state. I read up some history and found out they still use the original coal fired ovens from 100 years ago. It probably is part of the secret. My father even said he hadn't had jelly donuts like that since he was a kid in NYC in the 1950's. I have just been told to get there early because they sell out real quick and their hours are short. A must !

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              I was about to jump in with Brooklyn until I saw your response. Their pumpernickel bread lists for ingredients: pumpernickel flour, water, yeast, salt. It has such a wonderful tang and chew to it that I think that they must use their own sour to start it every day.