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Apr 4, 2006 02:11 PM

organic ice cream portland

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I just had the best ice cream - the new organic ice cream shop on forrest ave in portland is so good. Try the maple prailine, it's only sweetened with maple syrup and I couldn't stop eating it. Any one else try this place

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  1. whats the name of this ice cream place, and approx where is it on Forest Ave?

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    1. re: Irwin

      it's just past the kentucky fried chicken on the other side of the street- i think by a dominos

      1. re: stevieb
        Keefer Lucas

        I am eager to try this place out. I have to say that Portland has been devoid of imaginative, quality icecream for at least a decade.

        I will also use this posting to vent on my philosophy that good ice cream is NOT dependent on high butterfat content. My case in point is the product served up by Cold Stone Creamery. Their icecream - issues of organicness aside - is just so rich and heavy that its weigh becomes its defining quality, not its taste. Yuck.

        But will the staff at Maple's sing to me?

        1. re: Keefer Lucas

          Keefer: Have you tried Giffords in the Woodfred section of Portland?

          1. re: Irwin

            I've had Gifford's at a number of different venues. I rate it the same as Beal's, which is available in Gorham, Windham and in the Old Port, "very fine".

            I had a cone of the Maple's Maple Praline icecream over the weekend. It was excellent. Light, flavorful. Its a very different flavor experience than either Beal's or Giffords, perhaps owing to its gelato-style preparation. Its good stuff and well worth the trip out past Woodfords to give it a try.

      2. re: Irwin

        Hi! I'm actually the owner of this ice cream shop.... it's called Maple's Organics and we're at 796 Forest Ave, just west (away from downtown) of Woodford's Corner. Right next to Baxter Woods. We have ice cream, sorbets, and an ever-increasing selection of baked treats from cookies and biscotti to pies and pastries. Everything we make is organic and we get our products from the most local sources possible, including many local farms. Our ice cream is handmade, cooked gelato-style on a stovetop and frozen in small batches. I'm very happy that so many folks are enjoying it!!!

      3. What else does this place have? It seems interesting. It is right before you get to the intersection of Ocean Ave and Forect. Right?

        1. Yep, they're just getting things going, but I agree - the ice cream is excellent. They also have all-organic baked goods (including the waffle cones). My grandmother really liked the dutch dark chocolate ice cream, and you can bet that she's a tough customer...the maple flavored was my favorite too.

          When even the hot fudge is going to be MOFGA certified, you know they're doing something right.

          I'll post their web address as well, though it's a work in progress.


          1. This is great news - I think this town is starved for exceptional ice cream.

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            1. re: Dan S

              I agree! But not anymore...

            2. Great. I'm really excited to try this out. Been looking for good ice cream (and foodie spots) in Portland for a few years (I come up every summer).