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Franklin Ave Hartford CT

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I know this is a great foodie street, but I've never explored it much. Any suggestions? I have been to Roscoe's and this weekend to the bakery for a gelato


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  1. You're on the right path by the fact that you've already gone to Rosco's and Mozzicato's.

    Mozzicato's cafe is awesome for a connoli or whatever in the evening. cheap too.


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      I'm a fan of La Fonda for Colombian food. Hefty bacon, plantains, beans and rice, arepas, very affordable. Great cumin-heavy sausage, too.

      Also, if you really want interesting sausage, Europa is a Bosnian place that has great homemade sausage sandwiches.

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        Mozzicato's also is the source for some great Italian cookies....love the pine nut ones especially.

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        If you want awesome huge sandwiches, go to Franklin's Giant Grinders, I highly recommend the chicken cutlet (though make sure you get extra sauce, ive had it be kinda dry cause there is so much chicken), also the italian combo is great... make sure you dont order a full unless you got a huge appetite!
        Also, there is Carbone's right around there, though im not sure whether it is actually on Franklin or not

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          have to disagree on this one. FGG seems to have changed hands in recent times and is now VERY DIRTY and sandwich quality hovers around average or slightly below.

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            Have to re-disagree. I went this Thursday with a group from work and everyone was happy. Chicken cutlet and Capicola were big favorites. The out-of-towners in the group were very impressed (and full).

        2. You have gotten some great recommendations. A few more to consider:

          On Franklin, I've had some great shrimp dishes at Chef Eugene; they have a whole section of them on the menu. Shish Kebab House of Afganistan is good too.

          In the same neighborhood, on the next street over, Wethersfield Ave, you'll find Costa del Sol, which is fantastic and one of my favorite restaurants. Also on Wethersfield Ave is La Casona, focusing on South American cuisine. Our dining experiences have been a little uneven there, but the cerviche is outstanding and keeps me going back.

          There are so many places... have fun!

          1. Chale Impanema on Franklin is Brazilian...good Caiprenhas...

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              sorry, what is Caiprenhas? thanks

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                Caiprinhas.....It's a potent cocktail...along the lines of a Mojito...but made with Cachaca....a liquor made from sugar cane,....mint, club soda and not much else....

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                  Thanks, sounds great for the summer, if it ever gets here...

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                Chale Ipanema has new owners

              3. For grocery stores, there is DiBacco, which has everthing you could possibly want for dried pasta, canned goods including San Marzano tomatoes, wonderful Italian tuna fish in olive oil, bread, desserts, an assortment of cheeses, pizza and grinders. They also carry pasta machines and espresso makers. You cannot go wrong here. I don't know their address, but they are far down the Avenue, closer to the Wethersfield line. They are in the phone book.

                It's a great, friendly, welcoming family. You can ask them any question, and they are happy to answer.

                Good luck.

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                  An update, both Roscoe's and Shish Kebab House of Afganistan have moved off Franklin Avenue. The latter has been replaced by Tropical Mist which offers offers fare from Guyana and the West Indies. We were the only customers on a recent Friday afternoon and our chicken curry and vegetarian dinners were very disappointing. No luncheon menu offered, but prices were reasonable.

                2. A vernerable Franklin Avenue institution is Carbones. Still great after all these years. Not trendy with their menu which is what I like. Just good, upscale Italian food. Check it out.

                  Another vote for Costa del Sol. Best piaella I've had since my grandmother died. Try it. Jay

                  1. Just up the street on Maple Avenue is First and Last Cafe. Try chicken cooked under a brick, or also called "chicken stone" Awesome!

                    1. I completely aree with Costa del Sol for Paella, then head to Mozicattos for ricotta cake (or canolli, or gelato, need I go on?) and capuccino! I've also been to Chale Impanema had a wonderful meal there. Cheers!

                      1. Great Peruvian can be had at Goal International 395 Franklin Ave, the bar gets lively too.

                        There is a Mexican market by Rite Aid, I think it is called el Bahio, I can't remember for sure.

                        Ay Chihuahua 341 Franklin Ave serves good authentic Mexican as well. Bands play on the weekend. A Honduran band called "Los Catrachos" plays there all the time, and some Mexican bands play there as well.

                        When I'm in Hartford I always drive down Franklin and Park Street and they are both full of people going out to eat, shop, etc.... It makes me wonder why people always say Hartford is dead??? Not the Hartford that I know.

                        Although it isn't on Franklin, somebody mentioned it before, I have to give love to First and Last cafe for having great pizza.

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                        1. re: JohnnyCT

                          I went Franklin Giant Grinder a few eeks ago and sent the Chicken Cutlet back...greasy, dry, overfried, and they won;t put any grinders in the oven.

                          Go out Park St toward west Hartford...hit the Portuguese section,,,

                          1. re: sodagirl

                            Franklin giant grinder is nasty and dirty nothing like they use to be.food is over priced and not worth the wait.the hype for this place is over rated

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                              Try Maple Giant on Adelaide St. It's in the same neighborhood and is very good!

                              Maple Giant Grinder & Pizza
                              236 Adelaide St, Hartford, CT 06114

                              1. re: kattyeyes

                                Good rec. When I lived in Hartford :( I used to go there as well as Franklin Giant Grinder. It upsets me to hear that it's gone downhill. They had the best eggplant and meatball grinders.

                                There's also an Italian grocery/deli that's really good. The name is escaping me..It's on the corner of Brown St. and Franklin, behind the bank.

                                1. re: krisrishere

                                  You're thinking of LaRosa's:

                                  And while we are on Franklin Avenue topics (though this is an old thread), DiFiore Pasta Company is a great place. Once I had their manicotti, I never bothered to make my own again. And their ravs are great, too.

                                  Di Fiore Pasta Co
                                  556 Franklin Ave, Hartford, CT

                                  1. re: kattyeyes

                                    yes larosa is a great store for italian foods and grinders mr bonacousto is a very nice person

                                2. re: kattyeyes

                                  Been to maple giant grinder plenty of times i went to school with the owners daughter.

                              2. re: sodagirl

                                Hands down the best cutlet grinder I've had is at Wethersfield Pizza House on the Silas Deane.

                                Maple is good but the past few times I've been it seems like it used to be so much better. Something changed.

                                1. re: TastyNewEngland

                                  Bummer about the thought that Maple isn't as good as it used to be. Loved it for years.

                                  But also used to love Wethersfield Pizza, affectionately known in my family as "Take It Easse" for Mr. Fazzino's catchy farewell words. Used to go all the time for calzones till they stopped making them. :(