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Mar 31, 2006 04:50 PM

Breakfast in NW CT

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I'm taking a Sunday morning drive. Is there any especially good breakfast places (inexpensive to moderately priced) around Canaan, Norfolk or Salisbury? Thanks

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    Sorry, can't help w/ Canaan/Salisbury but since no replies yet...I will mention Patty's in Litchfield as good inexpensive breakfast/lunch place. An old fashioned "coffee shop" style restaurant. Rte 202 between Bantam and Litchfield.

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    1. re: HDinCentralME

      There's something that attracts people to Patty's, and I'll always wonder what it is, because it really isn't good place AT ALLl.

      1. re: chabela007

        Well count me and my wife among those that are attracted to Patty's. We love the place, and judging by the line out the door on Saturday mornings, many other people love it as well. In particular, I love the crab havarti and dill omelette with hollandaise, and the spinach brushette omelette. Their homemade corned beef hash is also not to be missed, IMHO. In addition to all the other places mentioned here, I highly recommend Northern Galapagos on Winsted Rd in Torrington. Excellent menu with a South American bent. Their dinners are awesome as well.

    2. The former chef at the now-defunct Lily's in Canton, Bob McCarthy, has opened a place on Main Street in Winsted called Kelly's Kitchen. Assuming the breakfasts are as good as they were at Lily's, I'd highly recommend the new place.