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Mar 31, 2006 07:58 AM

While we are at it - RI Pizza Survey

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I live in South County so rarely make it to Providence anymore. I have very fond memories of Caserta on the hill. There is a joint in my town that used to be called Martino's that had in my opinion a great version of Neopolitan style pizza (They had a brick oven). Now it is Junction pizza with a standard commercial pizza oven, although it is still very good and almost indistinguishable from Martino's version (owned by a former Martinos cook). Anyhow, I have not found any other in the state that compares to this style pizza. I have not eaten in the Providence area (pizza that is) in a long time so I may be wrong.

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  1. I think Casserta has gone downhill. The last 3 times I was not happy at all- soggy crust for one.

    I like Big Cheese in Cranston.

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      Just went back to Frank and Johnny's (from Italy)in East Greenwich after 6 years and it was a great as it ever was! Thin, slightly crisp crust with a fresh-tasting sauce topped with good mozzerella and tasty toppings-YUM!. Also, try the zuppa di clams as an appetizer.

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        I'll be making one of my infrequent visits to RI at the end of the month, and of course will be getting the usual mushroom and black olive (no cheese) at Caserta. I'll report back on the crust, which is by far the best part of a Caserta pizza (but not if it's soggy).

      2. Zoomah, up on TheHill, has wonderful pizza. Sometimes, when I am there, I have a salad and a pizza for dinner. The pizza is perfect...thin crusted, grilled just right, etc.

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          I hadn't thought about Zooma for pizza. I'll have to try it. Thanks for the tip.

          I just had the pizza app at Cafe Nuovo this past week. It was merely "OK."

          Question for everyone here (I've already asked at Does anyone know anyplace in RI that serves real authentic NY style pizza? I don't think anywhere in Providence really does this at all. How about outside the city?

          - Garris
          Providence, RI

        2. Nice Slice on Thayer St. has damn good pizza. Kinda New Yorky, save for the whole wheat crust. They definitely crush Antonios (directly across the street). I like their silk-screened pizza boxes.

          1. So far for me, the best Pizza in RI is a tie between Caserta's and Frank and John's.
            As delicious as Caserta's is, I have never seen fit to actually eat in there. So where can I go when I want to eat pizza out and EG seems too far? Zooma sounds interesting - but - is beer and pizza for 2 in reasonable comfort and well under $40.00 too much to ask?? I felt fleeced the last time at Bob and Timmys. I did enjoy a meal at Big Cheese recently. I'll go back even though it is not my very favorite pie and they only have Bud on tap. (Let's hear it for untrendiness). Has anyone eaten at Twin's on Mineral Spring lately? It has been a while for me. I remember being well satisfied but my spouse remembers otherwise. Tommy's comes pretty close too, but no draft. I guess finding the best pizza period and the best place to go out for pizza on the cheap all rolled into one is the hard part.

            1. Not a big Caserta's fan. Cecilia's stuffed pizza on the Hill rocks, or even Fillini's on Wickendon.