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Mar 28, 2006 09:32 AM

Dinner in Waterville, Maine

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I have a date in Waterville and have never been there--any suggestions for dinner on a Friday night?

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  1. As a Colby alum-- here are some ideas--
    Last Unicorn is a cozy place, right downtown, varied menu
    Buen Apetito-- mexican, pretty good
    Slate's in Hallowell is very good as well, eclectic menu

    Waterville also has a good arts movie house-- the Railroad Square
    Have fun!

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    1. re: madisoneats

      As another fellow colby alum, I would also say the Last Unicorn for a date. Jorgenson's for a cup of coffee before or after (this is of course if it is still open). For a light lunch, ha, (big sandwich) there is always big g's in winslow.

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        Just FYI, Slate's in Hallowell mentioned above is a 30-35 minute drive from Waterville. If you drive that far also consider Delia's Pub and Beale St BBQ (both in downtown Augusta), and Liberal Cup in Hallowell.

        I have not been yet but two relatively new spots I hear good things about in Waterville are the Bread Box Cafe (Main St) and Port Rouge (College Ave)

      2. Eat light so that you can get over to North Street Dairy for ice cream afterwards. Highly recommend the Cookie Dough Ice Cream or the Cherry Vanilla!

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        1. re: jill

          Thanks, guys, for your suggestions! We're going to try the Last Unicorn, and probably coffee or ice cream after.

        2. In terms of decent food, there are only three places in Waterville--Last Unicorn and The Bread Box have been around for years and are reliable staples. There is virtually no difference between then...both have lots of specials and good food. My only complaint is that they charge too much for their casual atmospheres and uneven service. The only fine dining place in town in Apollo's Bistro which is in an old Victorian House. They serve locally sourced meats and really creative food. It is a true find for Waterville. If you are visiting from Boston or another city, Apollo's is your best bet. (Also, Porte Rouge that someone mentioned closed last year.)

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          1. re: Rhino

            Yes, I know that the original post is over a year old. It's Waterville, so I'm here anyway.

            I had dinner last night at the Bread Box, which continues to frustrate me. Nice, attractive space, restaurant seems well-intenioned, but just seems to keep missing. The menu needs some thought. Too many sweet, vaguely fusion-y sauces on things, sides not thought through well.
            I had a terrific glass of Valpolicella - lovely wine, and should have been at $9.75 a glass.
            Ordered the hot artichoke dip which comes with garlic crostini . I didn't get a basket of bread - because the dip comes with crostini? Way too much garlic on the crostini, totally overpowering. And the hot dip was not hot. A hot dip should be hot, all the way through. It should not have cold spots (not cool - cold).
            Squash ravioli arrived floating in a suspiciously thin liquid - yes, water. Ravioli themselves were pretty good, but not draining pasta properly?
            Not an especially expensive meal, but I expected better food. The place was absolutely packed. Weird.
            This area of Maine desperately needs good restaurants, and just a little more attention in the kitchen to obvious isuues like this could make all the difference.

            1. re: sophie fox

              Just heard about this place in Waterville:
              Apollo 91 Silver Street , Waterville, Maine 207-872-8736
              Dinner only Tue – Sat 5:30 – 10:00
              Here is a WEBsite: