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Dec 8, 2000 11:26 AM

Fate of Hamano Sushi?

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These new sushi postings reminded me of something....

A couple of months back, I heard that my favorite sushi joint, Hamano Sushi on Castro in Noe Valley, was changing owners. Has anyone been there recently? Are the same sushi chefs still there, especially Sugai? Is the quality still the same?

IMHO, I prefer Hamano over Kabuto. The one and only time we went to Kabuto, we sat at the sushi bar, but the quality of the fish didn't seem as good as Hamano. Maybe we went on a bad night? For those of you who have been to Hamano, Kabuto, Ebisu, Grandeho and all those other places known for good sushi, where do you think has the best sushi?

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  1. I think for quality of fish and other sea dwellers, Grandeho, Kabuto and Hama-Ko are indistinguishable - most of the differences come from day to day variation. I think these variation in fish quality might be especially pronounced since it's raw with very little seasoning. I'd put Ebisu a little behind these three places. Haven't been to Hamano myself.

    1. i'm not 100% sure, but we heard a rumor that hamano was going to close. we were assured that they were just taking a short vacation and closing the place to fix it up. haven't been there in the past two weeks, but as far as i know the whole crew is still there.

      btw, never sit at the tables at hamano. the service is terrible. the sushi bar is IMHO the best in the city.

      1. The prognosis is not good.
        I went a day or two after new years and the sushi was not what ot once was. Sad times. I asked the new manager and he glibly told me when I complained about my uni that "Yes, its not so good because we froze everything over the holiday"