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delicious korean in providence

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i'm afraid to let the word out, but there's a really great korean place on benefit street, inside a convenience store. the sign says solomon market, but at night, the place turns into a restaurant. service isn't perfect, but the food is great. i've had the squid with rice, which is spicy and full of tender squid and mussels. my friend has had both the stone pot bi bim bap and an item on the menu that includes rice cake, chicken, sweet potatoes, and carrots (sadly, i can't recall the name). all have been great, and the portions are good-sized.

i was there one monday night and it was packed; the following monday it was quiet...


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  1. thanks for the insider info. i had heard of this place from a friend who LOVED it, and forgot about it. will definitely try and report back.

    1. This place is terrific! We drive from Hartford to eat the fantastic stone pot bi bim bap (with tofu). Highly recommended.

      1. Hey, thanks! I drove by the other day and saw the sign, and wondered what Solomon's market was doing, thinking they could cook Korean food, but now I'll go try it! Oh boy...

        1. Yup, it really is excellent, and is the absolute, perfect definition of a low-key, stealthy, chowhound find.

          That said, if you're going to go, make sure you can withstand the blast of a fully authentic, spicy Korean dinner. This was one of only two Korean restaurants I've been to outside of NYC where I needed copious water to get through the evening. I can often withstand the spiciest of meals, but this one was a challenge.

          - Garris
          Providence, RI

          1. Fantastic!
            My sweet boyfriend and I went today for lunch. We live
            within quick walking distance and had driven by
            countless times but had never eaten there. He had never even
            heard of it.
            I had. He had a plane to catch and wanted to fly to
            South America with a full stomach. I made the
            suggestion, and we abandoned the usual Jake's (which is
            delicious in an entirely different way) and headed over to
            Benefit Street. (We drove. I tried to tell him how close
            it was and how easy a walk it would be. Although he is
            accustomed to walking up Wickenden Street all the
            time, somehow he couldn't wrap his mind around walking
            down Benefit. When we arrived he asked me why we didn't
            walk...what can you say!)
            Solomon's Market sits on the corner and from the
            outside, driving by, it looks rather unassuming. One would
            not necessarily know it was a restaurant. There are no
            clues until you get close enough to see the pictures
            of the Korean dishes in the windows. Inside, it is a
            small cozy space with curtains on the windows,
            (plastic?) flowers scattered about in pots, and perhaps 10
            glass topped tables. There were 2 very cordial Korean
            ladies there - from what I could tell one took the orders
            and waited the tables while the other one cooked.
            There was one table of 3 finishing up when we arrived
            at around 2 pm, and as we were readying to leave one
            other person sat down to eat. Otherwise we had the
            place to ourselves.
            The menu has pictures of everything which we found helpful.
            Now onto the food! To start we ordered the fried
            dumplings. Eight small dumplings arrived - 4 shrimp and 4
            meat - along with a soy/sesame oil dipping sauce. Kim
            chi and a bean sprout salad were brought out too. The
            dumplings were delicate and sublime - crispy yet chewy.
            When you bit into them juice squirted out and the
            filling had subtle notes of ginger, garlic, and scallion.
            Apparently I kept moaning as I was eating them which
            didn't go unnoticed by my man. They were that good -
            easily the best I have had. The dough was similar to
            chinese dumpling dough but was much thinner giving the
            outside a nice crispiness to it which I found to be
            particularly spectacular.
            My boyfriend ordered the Dak gal bi, which is a
            sweet/spicy stir fried chicken dish. At 12.95, it is also
            the most expensive thing on the menu. What arrived was a
            humongous portion of chicken, rice cake (pieces of
            chewy dense formed rice noodly substance), carrot and
            cabbage in a brown sauce that tasted sweet and somewhat
            spicy. I tasted a hint of peanut. It was not that
            spicy, but excellent. The menu description said it has
            sweet potatoes in it but I didn't detect any.
            I ordered the Jjem bbong, spicy noodle soup with
            seafood. It was a huge bowl of long egg noodles with baby
            shrimp, mussels, clam pieces, squid, cabbage, carrot
            slivers and long red hot peppers in a reddish spicy
            broth. No shells. It came with a ladle and 2 bowls. The
            portion was enormous and I ended up taking half home!
            Although it was spicy, I welcome more heat and next time
            I will try to make this clear.
            Wonderful place, I will be back (this weekend for
            sure, as I am on my own for a few days!)

            My boyfriend was very impressed and said that next
            time he would try something different. I agreed, but I
            think I'll insist on some more of those orgasmic

            Just my 2 cents. I am torn. I want to spread the word,
            but then again I don't want this place to get too well
            known. I suspect the ladies running the joint want to
            keep it small too. No flashy signage, no advertising.
            I guess it doesn't really speak to the Applebee's
            crown though. It's definitely not mainstream.

            1. Great review, sashimi73. I am jealous that you are able to walk to Solomon's! O, sweet Korean food!