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Dec 7, 2000 06:44 PM

Sushi East Bay?

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I used to love sushi zone but now they have lost their main chef and I noticed a decided backslide in quality-Tataki tasted like bathroom cleaner smells. Just genereally not as good and seemed more expensive. What i am really looking for is a place like Hamano in SF, which i think is some of the most awesome sushi around.
I tried Genki-yuck, I tried two places in Rockridge, yuck. :(

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  1. j
    JB Leibovitch

    Which two places in Rockridge deserved a :( from you? Our regular place is Tachibana, which is pretty good and importantly for us kid friendly. Recently we have tried Uzen which was excellent at lunch time, haven't tried dinner. Avoid Isobune. I think that is all the places in Rockridge. In Berkeley, Kirala has the best reputation, and the dinner line to match--they make the best Udon I have ever had, specifically the Curry Chicken Udon.

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    1. re: JB Leibovitch

      Small place smaller than Tachibana on same side of street-and Tachibana. I avoid any establishment that has a "sushi boat." I think I am just spoiled because of Hamano. It sucks not getting satisfied when you go for sushi, you know, its like a junkie who gets a bad lot of smack and cant fix properly!

      1. re: michelle
        JB Leibovitch

        Small on the same side of the street as Tachibana? If I have you right, that place closed and is now a chinese restaurant named King Shang. You would do well to try Uzen in Rockridge (on College, couple blocks past Market Hall on the same side of the street as Market Hall) and Kirala in Berkeley.

        1. re: JB Leibovitch

          Recently moved from Berekely to NYC (Washington Heights), and the two things I miss the most -- Kirala and the Berkeley Bowl. Kirala's line are atrocious, but, you can call ahead and get your name on the list, or drop by and put your name on the list, and the go get some grocery shopping done at the Bowl.

          The sushi is amazingly fresh, and the grilled scallops --mmmm. I found Kirala to be better then Hamano -- but then again I like the East Bay better anyway!

      2. Kirala in Berkeley (which may not be the area you're looking for), while crowded, has had some of the freshest tasty sushi/sashimi I've had in the Bay area. Well worth a try (great tea also).