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Dec 7, 2000 06:41 PM

Okay, where did Des Alps and the Basque Hotel go?

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So I grew up eating at these Basque food places and now they are nowhere to be found-sad times. Where to now?

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    Melanie Wong

    The Basque Cultural Center in SoSF expanded its dining room (open to the public) when SF's Basque hotels closed to carry on the tradition. The room is nicer and I think the food is better too. Link below.


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        Melanie Wong

        There's also a place called Le Chalet Basque in San Rafael that's popular but I haven't been there personally.

        1. re: michelle

          Yes, I have driven by, it looks cute and they have a web site, not sure about how I feel about the offerings...
          I dont see my cherished Oxtail stew anywhere to be found nor good cheese-like Etorki(sp?) mmmmm, cheese.

          1. re: michelle

            Thanks for the link for Le Chalet Basque. Menu lists calf brain, liver, tripe, tongue and sweetbreads --- seems strange not to have oxtail stew too.

            Etorki is a brand name. There are several other Ossau-Iraty (Pyrenees sheep's milk) cheeses available in the Bay Area market.

            The dish I was most impressed with at the Basque Cultural Center when I was last there was the oxtail stew served as a first course with the full meal (soup, salad, first course, entree with vegetables, ice cream). I was stuffed by the time the entree of roast pork with juniper sauce came out and found it a let down after the bliss of the oxtails.