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Mar 19, 2006 05:27 PM

Ethnic eats in NW CT? Mex, Thai, Chinese...?

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I am stuck in the woods for a while (Litchfield County) and looking for something other than bad take-out joints (good ones are welcome). To the best of my knowledge I haven't heard of anything here.

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  1. Bantam - Wodd's Pit BBQ - BBQ and mexican. I usually eat the BBQ (very good ribs and honey hot wings) but have had the chimi - It was good but not the BEST I have ever had but it was good. Considering where you are it is acceptable mexican fare. It's on Bantam Lake Road (Route 209?)

    Torrington - Sheiks Sandwich Shop is supposed to have good roast beef sandwiches.(235 E Elm St)

    Popeys - Route 109 in Morris is a decent little Ice cream and burger place.

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      I second the Woods recommendation. A group of us (just barely fit in) went to Sheik's after Michael Stern in Roadfood gave it a terrific review. I'd driven past it a million times without noticing it. However, I thought it was less than mediocre and would not return.

      1. re: jerry

        Thanks for the update on Sheiks - I also had seen the glowing review. Now, I know better.

        1. re: EAF

          Why is this one person necessarily right about Sheik's and not the other glowing review? Or something in between? A roast beef sandwich isn't too much of an investment to find out for yourself.

          1. re: Joanie

            As the person who made the recommendation to Michael Stern (yes that's me mentioned in the review), I could not agree more with Joanie, and less with jerry. Sheiks is a Torrington fixture and has been present in the city (several locations over time) for over 40 years. You certainly can't say that about most of the eating establishments in Torrington, let alone most any city in the USA. I live in southern NH now and am in Metro Boston several times a week, where we have the famous Kelly's Roast Beef and several other highly rated and often referred to locations. I still think that Shieks is far superior to any of them. Unlike so many delis and sub shops today, Shieks actually roasts their own beef and doesn't use that processed, water injected, chopped and formed "roast beef" which is unfortunately all too common these days. Add to that a wide variety of homemade foods and offerings of the highest quality, complete with daily specials. Perhaps jerry is used to a different type of roast beef or experienced an off day. Surely there isn't a restaurant on the planet where 100% of the people who have tried it all loved it. But the volumes of regulars including (but not limited to) Torrington Firefighters and EMTS, Local and State Police, Doctors, Lawyers, USPS letter carriers, and a wide range of office and factory workers and local professionals, and many summer residents of Woodridge Lake (mostly from NYC), would all seem to indicate that this is a place well worth visiting.. and coming back to. In fact on Saturday mornings in the summer there is typically a line out the door for their hotdogs, chili and kraut.

            While i haven't been to Woods in many years, it was always VERY good and my local friends all still enjoy it very much. You might also try Uncle Willie's on Chase Ave in Waterbury (for more excellent BBQ). If you browse some of the postings here and on the roadfood site, there are also a lot of reviews of notable ethnic "great eats" sites in Waterbury.

            If you're willing to venture a bit farther, Danbury has the Goulash Place which has an great reputation as well. Newton hosts the Blue Colony Diner (off I-84) with a wide array of ethnic entrees and baked goods - good eats!

            I've recall a decent Chinese restaurant in Watertown, but unfortunately don't recall the name. Perhaps someone more local can help out.

            To reiterate, I've read all too often in many Chowhound posts of one person or another making an assertion about a place they've visited. I'm less inclined to take stock in it If I hear only one or 2 voices railing against it than a chorus of many. Caveat Emptor, right? In any event, hope you have an enjoyable visit to the area CapeKweer. Happy eating!

            P.S. checkout "Waterbury CT Chow Report" in this New England Board for some great suggestions by other Chowhound posters.

      2. re: EAF

        gotta agree on Wood's in Bantam- not your "run of the mill" eats

      3. New Haven isn't that far away...Let's just say ethnic food isn't one of Litchfield County's attractions.