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Dec 6, 2000 05:22 PM

What's the verdict on Bistro Jeanty?

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I've heard it's really good... has anyone been there recently? Any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. j
    JB Leibovitch

    Good, not a destination. Perfect break or ending to a long day of wine tasting. Nice, casual bistro feeling. All of the dishes we had were good, none were exceptional.

    1. This last weekend was dedicated to R&R in the Napa Valley with a dear friend. Almost every meal made me think of this board and the comments I have heard or would like to make. Bistro Jeanty was the best of the bunch.

      I ordered the sole meuniere: nice firm texture, slightly browned with lots of lemon and capers on a bed of great mashed potatos that were more potato than cream and butter. Side order of tiny green beans in an emulsified butter sauce with leeks & herbs I couldn't identify. My dinner companion ordered steak tartare which arrived just the way she wanted it, and a side of spinach (great) and the best pommes frites either of us had ever had. Service was pleasant, timely and cheerful.

      Our other two dinner spots were: Tra Vigne (friend of a friend association, I like going there but the food wasn't what it should have been,) and Catahoula (cajun fusion, odd service with two big parties going on that certainly detracted from our evening.) Meal was good but not great.

      By the way, lunch in Yountville was very nice at Gordon, a high end little grocery/deli/gourmet food shop. Also lunch of champagne tasting, pate and caviar at Chandon was a happy giggly experience.

      Cheers! Anne

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        Nice to see Sally Gordon's place mentioned. Had a really fun evening there about a year ago. I understand that she's gotten permission to open another night of the week for dinner.

        Service problems at Catahoula on my last visit too. I was seated at the counter. Water was spilled on me, then another customer asked me if I wouldn't mind moving over one so he could sit next to his friends, and I had to wait way too long for my bill. But the server did make it up to me by comping my dessert. Nice touch.

      2. I really enjoyed my meal there in February, largely due to the casual ambience and warm service. I was with a party of 5, and we were fortunate to get a round table. Turned out that I knew patrons at two other tables that night, so it turned into a party atmosphere shuttling bottles of wine to share among the tables. The cassoulet was good, but not the best I've had.