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Nov 30, 2000 06:20 PM

Fried Breaded Mushrooms

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Where within the city limits of San Francisco, can I find fried breaded mushrooms?? They are my guilty, off limits "treat" and I can't find them anywhere.

Help...need my comfort food!!


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  1. Oh yum. Over 20 years ago, a fish & chips chain in the Bay Area called H. Salt had deep-fried battered whole mushrooms, piping hot on a skewer. I can't say much about their fish & chips, but the shrooms were absolutely great, especially on a cold winter night. I had forgotten about this. The two outlets I used to know on Shattuck in Berkeley and Geary in SF for this chain are long gone. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

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      I never ate there, but I definitely remember the H. Salt on Shattuck. And there was a burger place on the northwest corner across the street that was okay.

      1. re: Jo Watanabe

        There is still an H. Salt Esqire Fish & Chips place on San Pablo Avenue near the Richmond/San Pablo border. I don't know if they still do the mushrooms you have fond memories of. It does seem to be one of the last of its kind around....haven't seen any other H. Salt Esqires.