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Mar 7, 2006 12:40 PM

Bahn Mi

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I am new to the area and am wondering if there are any great bahn mi sandwiches in the Greater Hartford area. Am willing to travel for great bahn mi.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi...May I suggest that you repost this item with the words "Hartford Area" in the subject line?

    There are a bunch of Vietnamese places in the Hartford area but none that I know of which serve bahn mi sandwiches....anyway, it'll be easier to get replies if you narrow down the area you're searching by specfiying Hartford, CT.


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      Peter B. Wolf

      It also would benefit everyone, if "ALL" posters would place a question mark "?" into their subject line, when they are looking for anything, and an exclamation mark "!", if their subject line is a statement.
      Readers would not click on question marks "?" if they did not have an answer, nor would readers click on an exclamation mark "!" if they knew already about the issue/statement.
      A lot of time is often wasted, loading a page, especially since '' is slow to begin with.

    2. There is a good asian market in West Hartford that I noticed was selling Bahn Mi last week from the counter near the entrance where the cooked ducks and pork is hanging. I haven't tried one there, but wouldn't hesitate to.

      A DONG
      160 Shield St.
      West Hartford, CT 06110
      (860) 953-8903


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      1. re: HungryChris

        Thanks very much for the bahn mi find. I will check it out.

        1. re: HungryChris

          Don't like the bahm mi at a dong that much, but oh joy there is a small grocery on Park street right hand side heading toward west hartford - about 3 blocks before prospect. They make the bahn mi as you stand there and they are REALLY delightful...

          1. re: rebecca owen

            Appreciate the tip. Sounds like it might be Hiep Phat Market (1934 Park St, 860-232-7600). Which banh mi do you like best?

            1. re: squid-kun

              Thanks for the tip. I have been trying to find out whether there were any places in Hartford selling banh mi, and just stumbled on you guys. I'm headed to Hiep Phat Market today for lunch. I have never had banh mi, but they sould fabulous. Does anyone have a good, workable recipe for the Vietnamese baguette that is used for banh mi? I understand there is a somewhat delicate balance between the rice and wheat flours, and am hoping to find someone who has succeeded in replicating it.