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Mar 7, 2006 08:03 AM

Japanese Rest. near Brewster, Cape Cod

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Anyone know of a Japenese Restaurant near Brewster/Orleans are that is great?

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  1. The general reputation of Asian food of any sort on Cape Cod is not very good...would be interesting if there are indeed options worth trying.

    1. There are two decent (as opposed to great)Japanese restaurants on Cape Cod that can give you a reasonably authentic dining experience. Both are in the mid-Cape area. The one closest to Brewster is Inaho on route 6A in Yarmouthport. Atmosphere is also pleasant. The other (which I believe has a slight edge in terms of the food)is Misaki which is on West Main Street in Hyannis. It's not in as picturesque a setting as Inaho nor is the building that houses it terribly attractive, but if one is in Hyannis, it is a good place for lunch or dinner.

      Don't misunderstand my less than over the top evaluations of these two places. I go to both of them and enjoy them for what they are: Japanese restaurants outside of a major metropolis. If one is judging them by New York City (or even Boston) standards, they may not rank near the top. If a taste of Japanese food in an unpretentious neighborhood restaurant will satisfy you, however,they are worth a visit. Hope this helps.

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        Actually I was pleasantly surprised by how good Misaki was on a recent Cape Cod visit this month. It seems like homestyle, family establishment with authentic Japanese food, so the service accordingly was somewhat slow and erratic, but the food was great. The udon was one of the best versions I've had, coming in a large decorative bowl, and the straightforward nigiri sushi was some of the freshest I have had in a while, even by Manhattan neighborhood standards. This place is a hidden gem IMO.

        I was also very happy with a Chinese place I went to in Falmouth, I can't recall the name exactly, Peking Palace? It was some of the freshest, least greasy Chinese I've had in a while, and they had some authentic dishes like seasonal greens and terrific whole fish.

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          Misaki just off West Main Street not far from the West End Rotary is a terrific place for either lunch or dinner. Their presentation of maki rolls in unmatched. The lunch box choices are the best value for the buck on Cape Cod. The fish is very fresh making their sushi and sashimi excellent. Reservations advised on weekends after 6 p.m.

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            Dear Afar, enjoyed our second trip to Misaki with you last Friday. Overall the quality of the food was much better than our first visit a month ago, however if Misaki wants to keep serious sushi fans returning,they must seek out experienced waiters/waitresses with knowledge of the sushi type menu. I wish these young and hard working new owners well however since I do not have the growing personal relationship that you have developed with Misaki, I still feel Inaho has better atmosphere, talented waitresses, and higher quality food and artistic presentation. Yes its more expensive and owners are not very friendly but we go there to eat quality fresh fish and we can bring friendly people with us if we choose. Bon Appetite

      2. I think Inaho is top notch and could hold its own anywhere on the East Coast. I like it much better than Misaki.

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        1. re: nfc

          nfc, we are 50% in agreement. Inaho is top notch. But, Chef Hamada is doing a terrific job for the young new owners of Misaki. I've dined at Inaho since their opening days in Hyannis. I refused to dine at Misaki under the long-time old ownership. But, today, it's a whole different food and service show. Each establishment has it's unique advantages and disadvantages. The Cape is very lucky to have both prospering. Presently, I'll toss my support to Misaki. Re j46: Yup, the Misaki food was outstanding, as was the company at the table, a most enjoyable evening.

          1. re: Afar

            Inaho is a long time local sushi restaurant but the owners have a decidedly hostile attitude towards their help and their customers. Food is very good but they turn over the help so often that your chances of having good service are about nil. Best advice is ( for a couple) to eat at the sushi bar and avoid table service with a group.
            Misaki on West Main, Hyannis is under new ownership. Former kitchen atmosphere has been spiffed up and they are finding their way. Food was always consistantly good with the very friendly former owner and the new owners are expanding the menu ( now have lobster items!) A better bet if you have 4 or 6 people.
            Domo arigatou!