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Nov 27, 2000 05:16 PM

Tips for a special dinner in East Bay?

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When it comes to excellent food and ambiance for a special dinner, we thought Chez Panisse would be perfect. However, my husband is deathly allergic to all things feathered (all meat, stock, pretty much everything related to fowl), and I fear a pre-set menu may not give us enough options. We've always heard Oliveto and Bay Wolf were excellent. Has anyone been to either place recently? Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help!

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  1. I haven't been real recently, but in my experience Oliveto and Bay Wolf have always been good. Same with Rivoli on Solano and Lalime's on Gilman; Lalime's has some set menus, but they have a web site that previews the menu. Cafe at Chez Panisse now takes reservations and does not have a set menu, so that might be an option.

    1. It was excellent - it doesnt compare to CP, but the food was prepared excellently and the prices arent too high. The grilled dishes are great - the double cut pork chop, the lamb and the beef are excellent - all cooked perfectly. I highly recommend Oliveto - that and Bay Wolf will easily do if CP is booked or wont do for you.

      1. Call Chez Panisse and see what is on the downstairs menu before you go. It is a wonderful dining experience and reasonably priced.

        Or eat upstairs.

        I agree with others re Oliveto's and Rivoli's. Also try Garibaldi's on College.

        1. You should be able to look up the menu for Chez Panisse (downstairs) on any particular evening a week in advance on their website.