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Feb 20, 2006 11:24 AM

Falling in love with One Love in Worcester

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A return trip to One Love last night made it clear that this is True Love. Venice had locked the door early (we arrived around 7PM) trying to clean up before she took off for her travels, but opened up when she saw us, no problems. Like last time, don't count on the menu (out of oxtail, out of roti) but the four of us dined in style on red snapper escoveitched, rasta pasta, ital stew, red lentil soup, and her outstanding jerk chicken. Yeah, the rice still dry, but who cares when such sublime home cooking is laid on the alter? Venice takes such good care of you. The escoveitched was mine, and I'm counting the days to go back -- a whole small red snapper quickly deep fried, then bathed in a spicy, briny citrus tart sauce to wake up taste buds you never knew you had.

So has anyone out there tried the jazz brunch? Is the jazz decent? How hard to get a seat?

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  1. There's a more recent topic, but I figured I'd reply to this one since no one else has.

    I also feel the love when I visit One Love. Last time was two weeks ago on a Saturday. A young man was filling in for Venice who was on the road. He's up from Florida until it gets too cold and he leaves. He prepared a beautiful plate of plantains and thin-sliced cabbage and other veggies in a sauce with a hint of ginger. I offered him praise for it and he replied that it's his specialty. It was delicious. Venice eventually rolled in and was her usual warm, friendly and fun-loving self. I had jerk tofu and my girlfriend had pineapple chicken. Then we headed to Wholly Cannoli for desert. Big drop in customer service. Next time we'll just have desert at One Love.

    1. Mmmmm...your post makes me miss Worcester. I love One Love's jerk chicken and lovely beef turnovers. The last time we were there Venice served us a big pitcher of water with watermelon slices in the pitcher. So fresh and summery!

      1. Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go (keep meaning to, just gotta do it!)

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          Yeah the water pitcher with watermelon seems standard here. Very nice touch.