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Nov 21, 2000 11:51 PM

LuLu or Azie or 42 Degrees

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I hear that Lulu and Azie are sister restaurants. If you had to go to one of them, which one would you pick and why? If you've been to one or the other, pls. share your experience.

Also, I hear that 42 Degrees is a good place. What's their menu like? I couldn't find them on the internet.



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  1. When LuLu opened around '93 or '94, it was great! I think it got too popular for it's own good (Bill Clinton ate there). I was there about 3 years ago and the food was terrible. The signature dishes were still on the menu, but he execution was awful. There was definitely freshness issues with the chicken and desserts. food is California.

    Azie on the other hand is really good, but alot more pricey and very trendy. If young urbans annoy you, don't go. It's really loud so it's difficult to have a conversation. Try the nine bites appetizer and dessert. Food is Asian fusion.

    42 Degrees is fabulous!!! The food is very earthy and rich american with French/Med influence. Also very "city"--lots of black clad beautiful people. Very loud.

    1. I recently went to Azie for lunch after my sister recommended it. She went for dinner and just loved it. Lunch was okay, but the baby back ribs are absolutely killer. You have to have those if they are on the menu. Nice and spicy. I can't even remember the entree, maybe salmon. Nothing on the dessert list looked exciting. They are famous for their nine tastes. Anyway, I prefer Azie to Lulu. I haven't been to 42 degrees.