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Feb 13, 2006 02:07 AM

What happened to James Haller

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We used to have lots of fun visiting the Blue Strawberry in Portsmouth, NH many years ago. We still use the Blue Strawberry cookbook. Does anyone know what the chef, James Haller, is doing now?

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  1. I believe that he is some place up in N.H. in a religious order (being a chef) Meninites order. Put that was a few years ago.

    1. He has a web site,

      I loved his book on France!

      1. Chef Haller did a stint up at the Shaker Table in Canterbury NH for awhile, but has gone off to do other things since. I just saw that he has a new book out on "What to Eat When You Don't Feel Like Eating" which is to help folks going thru cancer treatment.

        My hat's off to you sir...

        But, please get back to cooking for us, I miss your meals.

          1. Just fyi: it is the Blue Strawbery Cookbook. Chef's choice ;-)

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              The Old House Museum that is next to Blue Strawbery is spelled with one r also; Strawbery Banke Museum.