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Nov 21, 2000 03:34 PM

The 411 on 408

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I'll be in Sunnyvale sometime in December on business and am looking for restaurant recommendations in the surrounding communities. Any ideas?

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  1. My dining experience in Sunnyvale proper has been limited to pho. But you're in easy striking distance of downtown Mountain View (650) which has been discussed extensively in recent weeks. Also not far from downtown San Jose which has experienced a renaissance in the last couple years. Link below to my post from August.


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      norman mineta

      what is this pseudo jargon?are these the name of restaurants or partial addresses?the posters here are a very literal,humorless bunch. please conform.....

      1. re: norman mineta

        411 means "information," like how you would dial "411" on a telephone to get information.

        408 is the area code for Sunnyvale. 650 is the area code for Mountain View.

        Hope that helps!