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Five Guy's Burgers?

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Has anyone been to the new Five Guy's burgers in Avon? Just curious to know if it's worth trying! I'm a big fan of Shady Glen and Junior's, always looking for the perfect cheeseburger....

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  1. I haven't been to the Avon location, but I was a regular at one of the VA locations. I think they're great, give them a try!

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      Five Guy's burgers were pretty good, not great.

      Go further up rt.44 into Canton and try the burger at Joe Pizza just before the Chevy dealer on the left.

      Now that's a great burger!!

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        I work at the Tweeter one Plaza up from the Avon Five Guys so, needless to say, we have al gained about 5 pounds since they opened. Yea they are good, as are the creations at Joe Pizza. I think the difference is that you can actually eat a Five Guys burger for lunch and finish your day. Joe's burget is better but it is a clear the schedual, get the sweatpants ready, install handle bars on the toilet bowl burger! That is to say, it's beyond delicious but VERY substantial. I recall once calling in an order and after showing up at just aboout on the button of the said 35 min wait I was kindly asked (and bribed with a beer) to wait a few more minuets cause they were still grinding the meat... How can you beat that?

        So neither is a bad option. The fires at Five Guys are great as are the burgers and dogs but if you want the full court press, hit Joe's

    2. I've been to the one in Avon several times with friends and we have all really liked it. The burgers were great as were the fries.

      1. Apparently it's a chain running from Florida to CT. www.fiveguys.com

        1. Yeah there's one open in Newtown,Ct. Been there and for a fast place it's pretty good. The fries are worth the trip more than the burgers in my opinion.

          1. Hi Michelle-
            I love Shady Glen (mostly for the crispy cheese as I'm not much of a burger lover...ground beef kind of skeeves me out) BUT, I love love love 5 guys. It's about the only place I desire burgers from. Their bacon cheeseburger is awesome (bacon is always crisp as it's deep fried) and their fries aren't too shabby either.
            The hot dog is actually ok too.

            check it out and to everyone else....I can't wait to try Joe Pizza in Canton cause I keep hearing about it on this board.

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              Five Guys is a very good burger. I have never been to any CT locations but I was a regular at the Washington, DC Five Guys in Chinatown during my tenure in the capital area.

            2. There are several discussions on the DC Chowhound board about Five Guys. In DC at least, they used to be uniformly good but since franchising, they're now hit-or-miss.


              1. We had burgers and fries at the Five Guys in Orange at the Home Depot Plaza and they were very good. I'd go back any time.

                1. I recently took the whole family to Five Guys Burgers in Orange CT. We used to eat at a Five Guys in Virginia. The one in Georgetown and also near Reston. I have to say that we are so stoked to have Five Guys here in Orange and the burgers were just as good as the original. And the fries are to die for! My only negative comment was that the store was tucked away inside a Home Depot plaza and we almost missed it completely as we drove down Rt. 1. They need a bigger sign or something.

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                    Just went for first time on 12/27/06 (Avon, CT) had greatest burger in town. Four of us shared a large fries. Topping choices were excellent.
                    A bit noisy but the help and atmosphere was cheerful!

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                      Have been to the Avon Five Guys and left with a pretty good feeling re both the fries and the burgers/toppings. Absolutely zero ambience. Wish that the peanuts were salted - but I guess when you're eating beef and fries, you can stand to give up a little on the salt. Agree that Joe Pizza has a good burger too, but you really have to be willing to sit through some pretty slow service.

                  2. Five Guys vs Joe Pizza: Are you kidding? Five Guys wins by a landslide any day. The burgers are consistently delicious; you can't beat the price -- and the fries are the closest to Nathan's fries that I've ever had. Hot and perfectly flavored. Now, Joe Pizza: My husband and I have been hearing about how good the burgers are there so we finally decided to try it today. First problem: the amount of time it took for our meals to arrive was longer than at most 4-star restaurants. Ridiculous. The burger was "okay" but nothing great. "Medium" came out "well" and dried out. I had the misfortune of ordering a chicken Caesar salad. While I will admit that the chicken was very tasty and that the portion of chicken was huge (I asked for a take-out box immediately upon its arrival because it was really enough for two), the lettuce was disgusting. Sliced yellow core of the romaine. So, two things went through my mind: was this lettuce even washed? And where were the outer layers of the lettuce head? Awful meal. Couldn't get out of there quick enough. Service was friendly, but ridiculously slow. Go to Five Guys: half the price, a fraction of the waiting time, and much better quality food.