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new england hot dogs

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big disapointment! was really looking forward to this experience and was not pleased! asked for hot dog to be well done, it was not, fries were soggy and cold and I was the only one in the place... I don't care if Swankys is considered to be dirty by some, still the best in my opinion...as long as they don't drop mine on the floor...

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  1. Where is this place? My kids love dogs-- would love to know where you think better ones are.

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      This is in Norwalk, but it seems like a franchise or chain...I love Swanky Franks in Norwalk and Super Dooper Weenie in Fairfield...

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        Frankie's in Waterbury...mmmmmm.

    2. Is "new england hot dogs" a place or are you just bashing hot dogs joints throughout all of new england because a bad experience?

      www.hollyeats.com maintains the best review of hot dog joints in the north east. Holly wasn't very impressed with Swanky Franks?

      1. Dougs Dogs is a cart of all things on Rte 12 between Marlborough and Keene NH. He is a master and has been set up there for years.

        1. I enjoyed my trip to the new Hot Dog shop in Norwalk Ct. The food was excellent, and the people were quite courteous. I will be back, and so will my friends!!!
          On the contrary, I found Swanky Franks to be a greasy spoon, and filthy.

          This new place is clean, and the food was top shelf..

          1. I tried Speed's in Boston, per hollyeats' suggestion. It truly is an experience. If you can find it, then you're off to a great start. Next, if it's actually open, then you're in good luck. It takes a bit of time to prepare each one, so if there's a line, you're in trouble. The dog itself is killer good, I have to admit. All of those layers of sauces and condiments somehow work together in a decadent way to elevate this dog to another level. I'm from NY, and this dog is not for the purist, but there's no denying it's one of the best I've ever had. The final caveat: it's the most expensive dog I've ever had - I thought I had enough money for two, but I could only get one. I can't remember the exact price...but $6 keeps nagging at my mind. Conclusion: it's good enough to last in my memory, but not enough for me to make the trip there again. I occasionally pass within 5 minutes of the location, but it's too inconvenient to keep track of when it's open. Until then, I'll eat at Spike's...not nearly as good, but is open normal business hours.

            1. Super Duper in Fairfield is the best. The Chicagoan is awesome.

              1. Fellow CT dog lovers. Let's not jump to any conclusions on which place Suzanne is speaking to until she tells us. I do not know of and HD place in Norwalk called New England Hot Dog, but willing to learn.

                We all have tried the "A" list in Swanky's, Super Duper and Chez Leonards (all in FFD County), so let's gain some data before throwing relish and kraut.

                1. This is an old post...the hot dog place Suzanne mentions is now closed. New England Hot Dog Company was the name.

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                    Ah the Efficient Market Theory in action.

                    Thanks FF

                    BTW - Passed Cherry ST this morning and it looks like they are moving along nicely and the front porch is nor enclosed.

                  2. Glad someone rectified the sitution...I wouldn't want anyone to think I don't like New England dogs, I just didn't like that place ( now closed ). In fact, I know how New Jersey people love their dogs, but in my humble opinion, there ain't nuttin' like a New England dawg...

                    1. I don't know about any of you, but for my money ($1.62 including tax) Costco has the best dog around. That even includes a fountain drink.

                      1. Bump!

                        Driving up to the cape on 95 next week from NYC. Anywhere good and easy to stop along the way? Plan was to do Pepe's but only for lack of other ideas, tho Pepe's plus a hot dog later down the road sounds great.

                        There's one I can usually see from the road, on the right side while northbound. I think it's a pink shack, anyone know what I'm talking about?