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Feb 6, 2006 07:30 AM

where to eat charlestown ri area?

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i will be visiting ri for the first time the last 2
weeks of june. what are some good restaurants in
the charlestown area or up to 45 minutes away?
looking for mostly casual- and would enjoy eating
outside overlooking water. what is best swimming
beach? how are salt water ponds? is it warm enough
to swim & eat outside at the end of june?

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  1. There are many excellent restaurants in the area!
    You are right between westerly and Narragansett and not too far from Newport so the possibilities are endless.
    If you venture into westerly make sure to vist watch hill. Its very quaint and has many beautiful shops. I would recommend lunch or dinner at the Olympia tea room overlooking the bay. It is on the higher priced end so expect to pay around $14 to $22 dollars for an entree.
    Right down the street is St. Clares, a must stop for ice cream, great to go lunches for the beach or a decent breakfast.
    Other great restaurants in westerly are the Up River cafe- where you can sit on the back patio that hangs over the Pawcatuck river. Pizza Place is a great place for salads and Pizzas and 84 high street has a great menu.
    In Charleston you absolutely must stop for clam fritters at the hitching post. Its a takeout joint right off of route 1 and it is phenomenal! From the chowder to the lobster roll they do it all very well..
    NOt too far away is Narragansett. I would recommend a dinner or drink at The Coast Guard house. Spain restaurant is also and excellent place to go for dinner.

    Newport is also a must see- the clark cook house or black pearl are both wonderful.. I could go on forever.

    Hope this helps!

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    1. re: michelle

      UpRiver is way over rated and over priced. People from Westerly do not eat there.

      1. re: mstatt54

        I've only been to UpRiver once, but I loved it and can't wait to go back (I'm an hour away, but I'd make a special trip after the wonderful meal I had in a great setting w/excellent service). I thought the prices were on par w/other similar places.

      2. re: michelle

        I would steer clear of the Hitching Post. We ate there last year and the all of the food was just horrible (burgers, fried seafood and side dishes). Alas, there is a real need for quality food in this region, but we've had a real challenge in finding any. Newport probably the best bet (45 min drive). Wilcox Tavern always looks nice, but I think might be a bit pricey. Not found much yet in Narragansett, although an earlier thread has some promising leads that I intend on checking out:

        Good luck, and PLEASE report back if you find something decent!

        1. try St. Clare's Annex in Watch Hill.

          1. The original comment has been removed