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Jan 26, 2006 08:32 PM

Dim Sum in Fairfield County?

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Does anybody know of any restaurants in Fairfield County, CT that serve dim sum on weekends? We've recently moved to the 'burbs' from NYC, and are having major cravings! Thanks!

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  1. We go to Flushing on some Sunday mornings.This Sunday as a matter of fact. From the New Haven area it only takes about 1 hr 15 min.
    From Fairfield its only about 50 minutes.
    Well worth the time. The dim sum in CT. only pales compared to Flushing.
    Eat Well!

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    1. re: chefstu

      A second to this: drive to Flushing. We make it from Stamford in under 40 minutes, parking is simple and cheap, and the dim sum is really good, much better than anything you'll find in CT (and probably also in Manhattan, in my opinion).

      1. re: chefstu

        Which place do you like in Flushing? Is it all seafood? Thanks!

      2. I believe that Tiger Bowl in Westport has dim sum, at least they used to. Check it out.

        1. Ching's Table in New Canaan does dim sum

          1. Hunan Cafe on Route 1 by exit 5 riverside- greenwich, ct serves a decent dimsum. pretty good selection. I myself moved to fairfield county recently from nyc!