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Jan 25, 2006 02:18 PM

best sushi bar in Greenwich, CT area?

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Folks - I am meeting up with a friend down there - We are driving two hours one way to meet and eat sushi - so i dont want to go to a grade B place if there is something top notch - any recs?


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  1. If you really want top quality sushi, keep driving until you hit NYC.

    In Greenwich, you can get very good sushi at Ku, on Route 1, off of Exit 4. I've eaten there a half dozen times, and its been consistent, and much better than the average sushi place. It can get crowded, so if you want to eat at the sushi bar (which only has about 10 seats) go early.

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    1. re: cteats

      In case you ever have the urge to drive two hours for sushi again:

      for a happening atmosphere and very good sushi:

      Tengda Asian Bistro
      (203) 625-5338
      21 Field Point Rd
      Greenwich, CT 06830

      for phenomenal fresh fish, a lot of which is served sushi style:

      Nuage Restaurant and Bar
      (203) 869-2339
      203 E Putnam Ave
      Cos Cob, CT 06807

      (this restaurant is NOT a sushi bar, and is quite expensive, but the food is great - worth driving two hours for!)

      1. re: gourmet

        I agree, Nuage is quite good. It's Japanese Fusion but the owner/chef is a really nice Shanghainese guy!

    2. My favorite sushi place in Greenwich is Kira Sushi on Lewis St, across from J. Crew.

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      1. re: Shalaine

        I have a sneaking suspicion that the quality and/or freshness of the fish here is very I hate that the employees here litter and leave their trash all over the adjacent park and lot, always appears dirty. However, I got delivery from the Kira sushi in Armonk, and it was much better that that of its Greenwich counterpart.

      2. Bambou, which used to be Wild Ginger, is my favorite sushi place around. They are in the same complex as Centro and the Ashtanga yoga place. Pemberwick Rd.