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Nov 15, 2000 01:46 AM

Patak's curry pastes -- near San Mateo?

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Hi all:

I recently moved from Mountain View to San Mateo and am bemoaning my newfound distance from Rose's Market (on Castro and El Camino).

Does anyone know of a store in the San Mateo /Foster city environs that sells Patak's products (or an acceptable substitute)?

Thanks in advance. I'll have to try out Buffalo Grill near here and am looking forward to working my way down 25th and 3rd ave in San Mateo. I'll try to report whatever I find. Any other tips?

Dave S.

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  1. don't know about patak's, but for san mateo in general:

    for chinese, try fatima on el camino just south of 9th ave. their tofu casserole and chinese eggplant with garlic sauce is excellent. also, their fried rice and homemade noodles are really good as well.

    for spanish, go to ole espana on south b and 2nd ave. you can check out my earlier post for tips.

    if you want a nicer place, check out lark creek inn. solid, but pricier.

    most of the japanese places are good, so just try them all. sushi sam's is supposed to be the best, but i never wanted to wait on those lines.

    i just moved from san mateo to palo alto, so hook me up with scoops on mountain view. :-) that's a fair trade, don't ya think? thanks in advance.


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    1. re: wonki

      Good places in / near Mountain View (IMHO, YMMV):

      1) Rose's Market on El Camino and Castro. Excellent kabobs and the deli foods are great for lunch, especially the baked rice and chicken dish. They also have good lavash bread and a great selection of spices (including dried fenugreek). They supposedly have a great Ramadan celebration in the parking lot.

      2) Clark's Burgers (half a block away from Rose's on El Camino). Great burgers, good ribs, great shakes. Carnivore heaven.

      3) Amber of India on El Camino near San Antonio (?). Fairly good indian food, mild. Supposedly not as good as it was in the past, but still tasty.

      4) California Crab Station. Can't remember the exact location, I think it was south sunnyvale. Chinese seafood, I really enjoyed their squid dishes.

      5) SNEHA in Sunnyvale on Lawrence (near the Sunnyvale Fry's). An indian buffet that doesn't suck with a wide variety. Not gourmet indian food but a great place for a decent meal at a good price.

      6) Thai-riffic on Castro in MV, Thai Basil in sunnyvale. Fairly good thai food. Thai-riffic is kind of dingy but some of the dishes there are good... I enjoyed the seafood siam, pork with silver threads, firecracker tofu, and mus-a-man curried duck.

      7) Farmer's market in MV (Castro again) on Saturday morning. Lots of great baked products and veggies.

      Many others have been mentioned here including Chef Wang's.

      Thanks for the tips! I'm sure you will "browsing" the restaurants in your new area.

      Dave S.

      1. re: wonki

        Just found a large selection of Patak's jarred curries, suaces, relishes, and chutneys at Leonard's 2001 in SF at 2001 Polk and Pacific.

      2. Which of the Patek products do you highly recommend? They have so many now that I'd appreciate your advice.

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        1. re: eliseh

          I just used a combination of pastes this evening to make a winter vegetable curry. (I love the vindaloo but my wife doesn't like it that hot.) So I used 1 part extra hot curry paste to 3 parts mild curry paste. It was a good balance. I also like the Balti Paste for chicken.
          I am glad I read your post, I seem to be stuck in a curry paste rut and have not tried some of the other pastes for a long time. I will watch the board for recommendations.

          1. re: eliseh

            For non-local queries like this, you'll get a lot more replies by posting on our General Topics board.

            But since we're already wailing along here....all the Patak's stuff is pretty good. First rule of Patak's is a little dab'll do yuh. You don't want to overuse this stuff, it's intense. And most people doctor their stuff, too, which is way too personal an issue to go into here.

            I always liked their biryani paste, though, somewhat perversely, it's the last thing I'd ever use in a biryani. I just use it generally. The tandoori wash is useful, but don't forget to also use yogurt, etc (good instructions on the jar...also, I think they may have a website with further info, recipes, etc).

            But y'know, half the fun (and most of the soul) of Indian cooking is in mortar 'n pestling stuff nice and fresh. The bible is Julie Sahni's classical indian vegeterian cooking, a book which is reviewed and Amazon-linked in our ChowBooks page. Julie explains the spices, the ingredients, the techniques just beautifully. You get a really deep understanding.