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Nov 13, 2000 02:21 PM

Fresh Roasted Turkey for the monday before t-day

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Does anyone know of anyplace in the financial district or along a SF Bart line who would have a whole roasted turkey for the monday before thanksgiving? Our company is having a potluck and usually provides the main course, but finding a Turkey, hot and whole the Monday before T-day seems close to impossible. We don't have a lot to spend. Thanks.


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  1. The Cantonese bbq places (roast ducks hanging in the windows) in Chinatown will often have beautiful bronzed skin turkeys the day before T-day on display. Maybe you can order one from one of them. I'd suggest the place on Clay a little up the hill and across from Portsmouth Square. The counter man is pretty nice and speaks good English.

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      Are there any hofbraus still around? In Berkeley at Brennan's they still roast real turkeys daily for hot turkey sandwiches and for drumsticks. They also sell the carcasses for soup or jook! I don't know of a specific one -wait a minute- how about Tommy's Joint? There also used to be some hofbraus on/near Market Street. Hope this is helpful.

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        That's a good suggestion for Jacquie. Tommy's Joynt menu on Waiters on Wheels site offers a whole roast turkey.