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Jan 20, 2006 01:16 PM

ideas for dinner near/around Manchester, CT

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My husband and I are going to a movie in Manchester, CT and would like to have dinner before hand, any ideas other than the usual chains?

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  1. Depends on where in Manchester you are going to a movie. On the Vernon / Manchester town line there is a great but pricey restaurant called Aqua Oyster bar and grill. Nice romantic atmosphere and great food but entres are around $20 - $25 . Gets Great reviews .
    On a lighter side and much more affordable is Red Robin in the back of the Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester. Has good variety. Apple Bees is also an option with great variety and affordable . It is on Deming St next to Panera's and across the street from Chicargo Pizza UNO's. Close to the mall also. Carla

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      can't get better than Cavey's.

    2. Vinny T's, attached to the Buckland Mall, is a chain but surprisingly good Italian food. Just make sure to make a reservation. Also in the mall area, in the large shopping center with Linens'n Things and Toys 'r' Us is a good Japanese restaurant. John Harvard's - though also a chain - always delivers. If you have enough time to stray from the area, Route 30 in Vernon offers Rein's Deli (superb), the aforementioned Acqua (pricey is an understatement), the Vernon Diner (had great service there last night) and Chowdertown. Back to the Buckland area, if you happen upon the Burr Corner plaza, there Tacorral (newly reopened), Wooster Street Pizza and a very good Chinese restaurant.

      Good luck.

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        Chowdertown (in Vernon) closed about six months ago...looks like a Japanese restaurant will be opening in it's place sometime soon.


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          There is a Restaurant in the Theater, and there is a Carraba's and a Texas road house Restaurant on the top of the hill right near the Theater, Thats if your going to the one on Redstone rd. of of Buckland st. There is a 99 Restaurant right accross the street from the entrance to the road leading up the hill to the theater, Also there's a Friendlys on the same street and there is a Chillies on the same street. Hope this helps , Earle

      2. Reins Deli is top notch and out of the craziness of the mall area. Wooster Street pizza is very good as well.
        Although a chain, we have always enjoyed John Harvards, as well.

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          Difference of opinion here, about Rein's Deli...just okay to mediocre. Maybe it's because I live just down the street from Rein's and can eat there anytime, but I don't think they have the best deli food.

          It's a chain, but try Hops, it's adjacent to The Shoppes At Buckland Hills Mall. The food is consistent and good.


          1. re: ctflowers

            Enough with the chains. Try Danny's Little Taste of Texas in South Windsor or Elmo's Dockside in Vernon.

            1. re: brookerme

              John Harvard's is the the best place in that area. I like the asian crispadillas and the fish and chips. Most places in that area don't seve food, they serve product.

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                I have to agree on Danny's for BBQ before or after the movie. It's one of the few places other than Cavey's that isn't a chain.

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                  We just tried Danny's yesterday based partially upon these comments. I was less than impressed, The pulled pork was OK, my sliced buffalo was dry, the "side" dishes, ie. french fries were boring. An app of corn fritters was overpriced and poorly presented. The atmosphere was all "dive" with taped together seats, paper plates and sticky ketchup bottles. Don't get me wrong, I like a dive if the food is good, Danny's doesn't qualify.


                2. re: ctflowers

                  Didn't she say no chains? Manchester is really blue, sandwiches etc. (except for Cavey's)

                  Independents in Manchester that all have some value...and some are great...and there are alot more than this...

                  Pepes...(not the new Joe Pepees mega chain pizza shop at the mall by Sears)..this one is on West middle Tpke. Great buffalo chix salad and roll ups...

                  Cavey's of in the bar if you want in and out to Marcos the Maitre D...$20 for the movie...$100 bucks for dinner...priceless...and worth it.

                  Shady Glen...probably what I would the Minestrone soup as an app.

                  Main Pub...good mussels...on Main at West Middle Tpke.

                  Angellinos...Vernon Circle...sort of near Reins southern Italian style for a reasonable price.

                  Guido's...on Broad St..they now have a real in food but OK...girls on skates...with really big portions.

                  CJ's across from Guidos...have a hot Pastrami Grinder...

                  Mulberry St Pizza off exit 3 at 384...take out only...great sandwiches besides pizza..they have picnic table if the weather is nice.

                  There is a good Thai restaurant on Main St...necver crowded...and I can;t pronounce or spell the name...(Sukothai???)right across from St James Church on the corner of Purnell Place...

                  and right next door

                  Landmark Cafe on Main ...not open for dinner every night...but call ahead

                  Vinny T's...I have never had a more wretched dining experience...give me an hour...

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                    To get away from chains, you could try Calamari's Seafood Grill or Mill on the River (both in South Windsor) or Little Mark's BBQ (in Vernon). You could also try the Adam's Mill in Manchester.

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                      I'll 2nd Sukothai on Main... really good Thai food at a very reasonable price, and the service was warm and accomidating.