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Jan 18, 2006 07:10 AM

Palmer, MA

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I am looking for a place around the Palmer area to meet a friend for dinner. Not too fancy, good food, but most important a place that we will be able to sit and talk.

Some place along RT 90 between Palmer and Sturbridge would work.

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  1. Try the Tender Steam on Depot Street. Its an historic converted Railway Station. Prices are resonable and it has a great atmosphere

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      Actually, it's called "The Steaming Tender" ... and it's okay, the atmosphere is awesome, the food is pretty good... a better stop for a Palmer restaurant is definitly Pinocchio's Ristorante in Three Rivers (a part of Palmer) ... just opened about 3 weeks ago, formerly located in Amherst... FANTASTIC italian food!

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        I only ate at Pinnocchio's once, when it was located in Amherst, and it was delicious! I'm sad to see it move to Three Rivers, but if it's the same owners hopefully the food is just as good!

    2. Ten miles or so away is Ludlow, and there you will find Primavera Cafe Restaurant on East Street. It's a small, humble Portuguese restaurant, which never disappoints.

      1. Zinfandels in downtown Palmer is really nice, right off the mass pike. Great place to eat if you want to talk, they do not rush you. The food is wonderful especially the olive oil that is served with the rolls, its the best

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          Zinfandel's closed its doors Jan 1, 2008.

        2. The original comment has been removed