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Nov 12, 2000 10:32 AM

looking for special but inexpensive

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We'll be in SF over the Christmas holidays and would love restaurant suggestions. Will be staying near the Presidio. In particular,we'd like ideas for where to go for an early dinner on New Year's Eve. We're schoolteachers, so our limit is $50/person. Thanks.

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  1. Try Chapeau. It's a $$ rated ***. :) I always try to go to resturants that rate higher than they cost. They are located on clement btw 14th & 15th. It's French, and the owner is VERY friendly. Best deal is if you get there before 5, they have a cheap prix fix menu available. They get very crowded after 7. However, I not sure if they will be open on New Year's eve.

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      Barry Kaufman

      Ditto for Chapeau ---- try the duck -- excellent wine selection - the owners are a delight.