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Nov 12, 2000 09:26 AM

trip to SanFran

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Coming to town for a few days. Who knows of a good place to get handmade Japanese noodles for lunch? Planning one dinner at R&G Lounge, going to the French Laundry for another, other suggestions? I'll be staying near Union Square? Thanks from Tucson.

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  1. Try Japantown for a fun afternoon, and eat at Mifune which specializes in noodles.

    If you want the Italian kind, Vivande on Fillmore is a more upscale experience.

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    1. re: Anne

      Oh, yes, I did mean the Japanese kind-sorry. Does Mifune make their own? I've been to Japantown before, but never found a place (or THE place, as the case may be) that handmakes the noodles. Thanks so much for replying.

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        By the way, please ignore the incorrect E-mail address beginning with "Andrea"-it keeps happening by error. I'm Thanks.

      2. Check out Sapporo-Ya in Japantown. They make their own noodles daily. You can find them at 1581 Webster. Cross street is Post. Sounds like a great chow trip. Enjoy!

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        1. re: Tida

          Many many thanks for steering me to Sapporo-Ya. It's on my "DEFINITE" list and I can hardly wait.

          1. re: roberta

            Boy the pressure is on! I hope that it meets your expectations!

            Though I love noodles, I can't say that I draw any significant distinction between housemade vs. not, when it comes to Asian noodles. What makes you seek this out? Is the texture different? taste different? Is it "better" or just different?

            I make my own Italian-style pastas so I know of the differences there between fresh and dried. Can you educate me a bit about homemade Asian noodles and why you love them so?

            1. re: Tida

              I inquire only in the spirit of curiosity. I have never yet eaten handtossed Japanese noodles and have expectations that, as in homemade pasta, there will be a notable difference. It sounds as if you've had both handmade and dried Japanese noodles and do not detect a difference. Well, I may very well come to the same conclusion after I sample them. I'll let you know what I think when I get back. If you have other ideas for me, please feel free to share them. I am always open and eager for new gustatorial experiences.

          2. re: Tida

            Just got back. Thanks to you both for the tips. I did get to Sopporo-Ya and loved the Ramen soup!! They put such good ingredients in! Also had one of the best Chinese meals at R&G (also learned of this on Chowhound). The best crab (dungeness salt and pepper style) I've ever had in my life and that exquisite sticky rice stuffed whole fried chicken was incredible and could serve 6 easily. CAn't wait until my next trip to the city! (I can't even begin to describe the gustatory orgasmia I experienced at the French Laundry,but that's hardly a Chowhound kinda place).